1st Edition

Procuring Innovative Architecture

By Leon van Schaik, Geoffrey London Copyright 2010

    The case studies in this book describe how clients’ promotion of innovative communities of practice has led to important collections of architectural works. The book provides an assessment of the effectiveness of their approaches. Architects and clients will understand what to look for as they construct their careers and their portfolios with innovation as a goal.

    It is taken for granted nowadays that supporting innovative architecture benefits society. In countries as diverse as Austria, Australia, Belgium, England, Japan, South East Asia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and the USA, retailers, institutions, local and regional government and transport authorities have established substantial bodies of work by new and emerging architects. This books looks at what their goals are and how they have achieved them. Is it possible to promote sustainable communities of innovative practice through such patronage? Can innovation be ‘kick-started’ by importing visionary works?

    Introduction  Part 1: Asia and Australasia  1. Introduction  2. RMIT procures  3. RMIT philosophy  4. RMIT Ginger Groups  5. Artpolis  6. Malaysia  7. Singapore  Part 2: Europe  8. Introduction  9. Barcelona  10. Ticino  11. Belgium  12. Graz and Ljubljana  13. London  Part 3: USA  14. Introduction  15. Colombus Indiana  16. Los Angeles – Dirty Realism  17. University of Cincinnati  18. Ivy League Disney Land  Part 4: Western Australia Case Study  19. Introduction  20. Office of Government Architect (OGA)  21. OGA  22. Processes  23. Evaluation by Small and Medium Firms  24. Evaluation by Large Firms  25. Evaluation by Developer and Bureaucrats  26. Evaluation Seminars in London and Perth Compared  27. Do’s and Don’ts  Part 5: WA: Curating the City  28. Deep Urban Knowledge.  Conclusion


    Leon van Schaik is Professor of Architecture (Innovation Chair) at RMIT, from which base he has promoted local and international architectural culture through design practice research.

    Geoffrey London is Government Architect for Victoria, having previously been Government Architect for Western Australia and Professor of Architecture at the University of Western Australia.