1st Edition

Producing Graphic Media for Sports New Horizons and Possibilities for the Motion Media Specialist

By John Zaffuto Copyright 2023
    168 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    168 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Producing Graphic Media for Sports: New Horizons and Possibilities for the Motion Media Specialist explores the origins, applications, and future of the production of sports-oriented motion graphics.

    Beginning with the evolution and development of sports-oriented art and design, this book investigates the importance of motion graphics within a variety of environments in the sphere of organized, competitive activity. Venue-based presentation, broadcast and streaming environments, and the importance of graphic standards and brand guidelines are all discussed in detail, along with applications within social media and mobile platforms. A final chapter on emerging technologies covers the potential use of motion media for e-sports and other trending developments within the sports world. The author draws on case studies and interviews with sports media professionals to augment his own research and observation of trends and processes and to highlight the exciting career opportunities that exist within the sports presentation and marketing industries.

    This book is recommended reading for students of advanced media production, sports marketing, and media production for advertising.

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    1. Evolution and Development of Sports-Oriented Graphics
    2. Motion Graphics and the Broadcast and Streaming Environment
    3. The Graphics Package

      Show Elements

      Set Elements

    4. Motion Graphics and Live Presentation
    5. The Nature of Live Event Presentation

      Sources and Destinations

      The "Hype" or "Intro" Video

      Interactive Elements

      Sport-Specific Considerations

    6. Design Influences
    7. About Design

      Recognizing and Utilizing Design Influences

      A Word About "Creativity"

      Design Influences: Individual Sports

      External Design Influences

      Popular Culture and General Trends in Design

    8. Graphic Standards and Sports-Oriented Motion Media
    9. Specific Athletic Traditions

      Regional Considerations

      Visibility and Environment

      Trends and Popular Tastes

      Graphic Standards/Brand Guidelines/Visual Identity Kits

      Graphic Standards and Motion Media

    10. Social Media
    11. The Social Media Aesthetic

      Existing Features of the Social Media Aesthetic

      Use Within the Broadcast and Live Stream

      Use Within Event Presentation

    12. Emerging Trends and Technologies
    13. Mixed and Augmented Reality


      Branded Synergy

      On the Horizon

      Artificial Intelligence

    14. Post-Game Analysis

    Key Principles

    Key Skills

    Career Possibilities

    Maintaining Demo Materials

    Final Thoughts



    John S. Zaffuto is an instructor and television facility operations manager at Southeastern Louisiana University. He has worked in the motion media creation industry for over 27 years. In that time, he has served in many roles, including broadcast production manager, chief editor, and post-production supervisor, managing and directing numerous local, regional, and national productions and campaigns.