1st Edition

Product Design and Testing of Polymeric Materials

By Louise Ferrante Copyright 1990
    576 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Product Design and Testing of Polymeric Materials integrates polymer science principles with detailed experimental programs—helping engineers create optimal products. This is an essential resource for polymer, plastics, and chemical engineers and scientists, materials scientists, and graduate-level students in these disciplines.

    Preface -- CHAPTER 1 PRINCIPLES AND METHODOLOGY OF PRODUCT TESTING -- Introduction -- Principles of Polymer Science -- Characterization of Structural Properties -- Rheological Responses of Polymers -- General Properties and Uses of Elastomers -- Philosophy and General Concepts of -- Product Development -- Notation -- References -- CHAPTER 2 CHARACTERIZATION OF MOLECULAR WEIGHT AND MOLECULAR WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION -- Introduction -- Determination of Number-Average Molecular Weight -- Determination of Weight-Average Molecular Weight -- Determination of Molecular Size -- Characterization of Molecular Weight Distribution -- Notation -- References and Suggested Readings -- CHAPTER 3 THERMAL ANALYSIS OF POLYMERS -- Introduction -- Thermal Behavior Properties -- Measurement Techniques -- Differential Thermal Analysis -- Differential Scanning Calorimetry -- Measurement of Thermal Conductivity -- Thermogravimetric Analysis -- Notation -- References and Suggested Readings -- CHAPTER 4 MEASUREMENT OF STRESS-STRAIN PROPERTIES -- Introduction -- Hardness -- Stress-Strain Properties and Testing -- Compression Stress-Strain, Shear Stress-Strain, and Flexural Stress-Strain Concepts -- Tear and Impact Testing -- General Comments on Short-Term Stress-Strain Properties -- Static and Dynamic Property Behavior -- Fatigue Testing -- Notation -- Suggested Readings -- CHAPTER 5 PROCESSABILITY TESTING -- Introduction -- Viscoelastic Properties of Polymers -- Description of Conventional Viscometers -- Application of Capillary Rheometry to Processing Predictions -- Principles of Torque Rheometry -- The Oscillating Disk Rheometer -- Notation -- References -- CHAPTER 6 QUALITY IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT -- Introduction -- Philosophy of Quality and Its Relation to the Marketplace -- Market Research on Quality -- General Principles of Quality Control -- Closure -- References and Suggested Readings -- CHAPTER 7 BASIC DEFINITIONS IN PROBABILITY -- AND STATISTICS -- The Importance of Frequency Distributions -- The Normal Frequency Distribution -- Basic Definitions and Theorems of Probability -- Principle of Duality, Random Experiments, and Probability -- Combinatorial Analysis, Counting, and Tree Diagrams -- Permutations, Binomial Coefficients, and Stirling's Approximation -- Definitions of Random Variables and Probability Distributions -- Important Theorems of Random Variables and Probability Distributions -- Principles of Geometric Probability -- Suggested Readings -- CHAPTER 8 APPLICATION OF QUALITY CONTROL TECHNIQUES -- Frequency Distributions -- Sampling Inspection Philosophy -- Notation -- References -- CHAPTER 9 DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS AND APPLICATION TO PRODUCT DESIGN -- Basic Definitions and Terminology -- Statistics Basics for Experimentation Strategy -- Screening Designs -- Response Surface Concepts and Construction of Polynomial Models -- Application to Product Development -- Notation -- References and Suggested Readings -- Appendix A Glossary of Plastics and Engineering Terms -- Appendix B General Properties and Data on Elastomers and Plastics -- Index.


    Ferrante\, Louise