2nd Edition

Product Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability Handbook

Edited By Michael Pecht Copyright 2009
    480 Pages 149 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    To ensure product reliability, an organization must follow specific practices during the product development process that impact reliability. The second edition of the bestselling Product Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability Handbook helps professionals identify the shortcomings in the reliability practices of their organizations and empowers them to take actions to overcome them.


    The book begins by discussing product effectiveness and its related functions, presents the mathematical theory for reliability, and introduces statistical inference concepts as ways to analyze probabilistic models from observational data. Later chapters introduce basic types of probability distributions; present the concepts of confidence interval; focus on reliability assessment; and examine software reliability, quality, and safety.

    Use FMMEA to identify failure mechanisms

    Reflecting the latest developments in the field, the book introduces a new methodology known as failure modes, mechanisms, and effects analysis (FMMEA) to identify potential failure mechanisms. Shifting to a practical stance, the book delineates steps that must be taken to develop a product that meets reliability objectives. It describes how to combine reliability information from parts and subsystems to compute system level reliability, presents methods for evaluating reliability in fault-tolerant conditions, and describes methods for modeling and analyzing failures of repairable products.

    The text discusses reliability growth, accelerated testing, and management of a continuous improvement program; analyzes the influence of reliability on logistics support requirements; shows how to assess overall product effectiveness; and introduces the concepts of process capability and statistical process control techniques.

     New Topics in the Second Edition Include:

    • Failure Modes, Mechanisms, and Effects Analysis
    • Confidence Interval on Reliability Metrics and their Relationships with Measures of Product Quality
    • Process Control and Process Capability and their Relationship with Product Reliability
    • System Reliability, including Redundancy



    Product Effectiveness and Worth, H.S. Balaban, N. Criscimagna, M. Pecht

    Reliability Concepts, D. Das, M. Pecht

    Statistical Inference Concepts, J.M Hu, M. Kaminskiy, I.A. Ushakov

    Practical Probability Distributions for Product Reliability Analysis, D. Das, M. Pecht

    Confidence Intervals, D. Das, M. Pecht

    Hardware Reliability, A. Dasgupta, J.M. Hu

    Software Reliability, R. Kowalski, C. Smidts

    Failure Modes, Mechanisms, and Effects Analysis, S. Mathew, M. Pecht

    Design for Reliability, D. Das, M. Pecht

    System Reliability Modeling, M. Pecht

    Reliability Analysis of Redundant and Fault-Tolerant Products, J.B. Dugan

    Reliability Models and Data Analysis for Repairable Products, H.S. Balaban

    Continuous Reliability Improvement, W. Tomczykowski

    Logistics Support, R.M. Hecht

    Product Effectiveness and Cost Analysis, H.S. Balaban, D. Weiss

    Process Capability and Process Control, D. Das, M. Pecht


    Michael Pecht