1st Edition

Professional Security Management A Strategic Guide

By Charles Swanson Copyright 2021
    328 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Historically, security managers have tended to be sourced from either the armed forces or law enforcement. But the increasing complexity of the organisations employing them, along with the technologies employed by them, is forcing an evolution and expansion of the role, and security managers must meet this challenge in order to succeed in their field and protect the assets of their employers. Risk management, crisis management, continuity management, strategic business operations, data security, IT, and business communications all fall under the purview of the security manager.

    This book is a guide to meeting those challenges, providing the security manager with the essential skill set and knowledge base to meet the challenges faced in contemporary, international, or tech-oriented businesses. It covers the basics of strategy, risk, and technology from the perspective of the security manager, focussing only on the 'need to know'. The reader will benefit from an understanding of how risk management aligns its functional aims with the strategic goals and operations of the organisation.

    This essential book supports professional vocational accreditation and qualifications, such as the Chartered Security Professional (CSyP) or Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and advises on pathways to higher education qualifications in the fields of security and risk management. It is ideal for any risk manager looking to further their training and development, as well as being complementary for risk and security management programs with a focus on practice.

    1 Private security and the development of the Security Manager

    2 Security risk management and strategic business awareness

    3 Critical Security Areas

    3.1 Security Risk Management

    3.2 Crime Prevention through Environmental Design and Situational Crime Prevention

    3.3 Physical and Electronic Security Systems

    3.4 The Security Survey and Security Audit

    3.5 Business Resilience

      • Risk Management
      • Crisis Management
      • Disaster Management
      • Business Continuity Management

    3.6 The Chief Security Officer (CSO) and the Chief Information Security Officer(CISO)

    3.7 Cyber Crime

    3.8 Critical National Infrastructure

    3.9 Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

    3.10 Aviation and Maritime Security Management

    3.11 Supply Chain Security Management

    3.12 Hostile Environment Awareness

    3.13 Strategic Business Awareness

    3.14 Fraud Investigations

    3.15 Retail Loss Prevention

    3.16 Workplace Investigations

    3.17 Academic and vocational qualifications

    3.18 Conclusion




    Charles Swanson is a professional security and risk management specialist and teacher. He is a Chartered Security Professional, Fellow of the Security Institute, and currently the Senior Tutor on the MSc in Security and Risk Management at the University of South Wales. He has lectured in risk management, counterterrorism, and information security (cyber) to a global audience.