1st Edition

Professionalism and Ethics in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    282 Pages
    by Routledge

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    Gain a better understanding of the complex issues that will decide the future of health care!

    This is the first book of its kind in the rapidly growing field of complementary and alternative medicine. It addresses quality-of-care concerns and also focuses on the goals of many practitioners: to secure a firm place for their practice in health care systems and to establish levels of integration. Professionalism and Ethics in Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a unique textbook, but is also an essential resource for practitioners of complementary, alternative, and conventional medicine as well as the general public.

    This volume is divided into three parts. The first looks at a range of current concerns over complementary and alternative medicine, many of which raise ethical issues relating to quality of care. The next section, focusing on professionalism, indicates how practitioners must respond to the public’s concerns, especially in light of the public’s rising expectations of standards of care among all practitioners. The third part is comprised of case histories plus commentaries suitable for private study or classroom discussion.

    In this valuable book you will find:

    • an examination of current issues in complementary/alternative medicine and bioethics
    • explorations of other approaches to ethical dilemmas including “bottom-up” ethics such as consequentialism and social utilitarianism plus feminist ethics, virtue ethics, and more
    • informed discussion of public expectations of professional roles and responsibilities
    • case histories that illustrate ethical issues
    • explanations of the Hippocratic Oath and complementary and alternative medicine codes
    • an examination of the power structure within health care systems
    • and much, much more!

      Growing from a course on ethics and law at the Homeopathic College of Canada in Toronto, Professionalism and Ethics in Complementary and Alternative Medicine will benefit everyone who is concerned with quality care and integrated medicine.

    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Introduction: What to Consider
    • Geographical Coverage and Our Readership
    • Organization of Our Material
    • Being A Professional
    • Health Care Concepts and Beliefs
    • Conventional Medical Attitudes
    • The Future
    • Terminology
    • Part I: The Current Scene—Public and Professional Issues
    • Chapter 1. Introduction: A Complicated Setting
    • Chapter 2. Scrutinies
    • From Government
    • From the Medical and Allied Health Professions
    • From Complementary/Alternative Practitioners
    • From the Public
    • General Comments on Future Directions
    • Chapter 3. Changing the Health Care Paradigm?
    • Introduction
    • Values in Health Care
    • Economic Issues
    • Antimedicine/Antiscience, Antigovernment, Anti-Big Business
    • Two Cultures, Beliefs About Disease, Holism, and Health
    • Integration
    • Chapter 4. Standards of Care: A Need for Critical Skills
    • Standards of Care, the Courts, and Complementary/Alternative Medicine
    • Safety and Standards
    • Critical Evaluation; Historical Pedigrees
    • Quality and Standardization of Preparations
    • Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Placebos
    • Chapter 5. Regulation by Legislation or Self-Regulation?
    • Dietary Supplements and Regulations: Diverse Attitudes
    • Statutory Regulation or Self-Regulation?
    • Education
    • Complementary/Alternative Education for Mainstream Practitioners
    • Research
    • Licensing
    • Disciplinary Measures
    • Part II: Professionalism
    • Chapter 6. Professionalism: Many Faces
    • Introduction: Diverse Views
    • Authority and Power
    • Oaths and Codes
    • Modern Bioethics
    • Chapter 7. Public Expectations of Practitioner Roles and Responsibilities
    • As a Communicator
    • As a Scientist
    • As a Healer
    • As a Team Player and Gatekeeper
    • As a Health Advocate
    • Closing Comment
    • Part III: Professional/Ethical Issues in Everyday Practice—Case Histories/Readings
    • Introduction
    • 1. Sarah and Her Otitis Media
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • Some Further Comments
    • Other Conditions
    • 2. Mr. O’Grady and DHEA
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 3. Narratives: Listening to Patients
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 4. Difficult Professional Relationships
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 5. Mr. L: The Dilemmas of Multicultural Health
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 6. The Environment and Connections
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 7. Testimonials and Advertising by Practitioners
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 8. Making Diagnoses
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 9. Prescribing and Selling Remedies
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 10. Critical Appraisal: Toxicities and Clinical Trials
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 11. A Chronic Condition: Rheumatism
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • 12. Cancer
    • Issues
    • Questions and Comments
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Ethan B Russo