1st Edition

Professions A Key Idea for Business and Society

By Mike Saks Copyright 2021
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    Professions and professionalism have played an integral part in business and society. In this book, Mike Saks provides a thorough overview of this field through an analysis of a range of professions, including, amongst others, accountants, doctors and lawyers.

    The book offers a critical analysis of such privileged occupational groups in modern societies. Anticipating a positive if changing role for such groups in the years ahead, the book outlines conflicting theoretical perspectives on professions and discusses current developments in an accessible, multi-disciplinary style. The book documents their evolution and contemporary transformation from medieval guilds to fully-fledged professions and international professional service firms, while pointing a path towards their future in the world of work and beyond.

    With insights into the recent challenges provided by clients, citizens, the state and corporations in neo-liberal societies, Professions provides a concise overview that will be essential reading for students, academics and others interested in the operation of these key occupational groups in business and society.

    1. Introduction: The concept of professions

    2. The History of Professions and Professionalisation

    3. Positive and Negative Theories of Professions

    4. Attacks on Professions: Professional Deconstruction?

    5. Business and Management Issues and the Professions

    6. Conclusion: The Future of Professions


    Mike Saks is Emeritus Professor at the University of Suffolk, UK, and Visiting Professor at the University of Lincoln, Royal Veterinary College, University of London, University of Westminster, UK, and University of Toronto, Canada.

    'Written by an undisputed leader in the field, this book provides a concise but rich discussion of important issues and debates around professions. By not only providing a general description of professions, but outlining how they vary across field, nation, time period, political, economic, and social context, Saks has produced rich insights into this important social phenomenon.' 

    Tracey L. Adams, Executive Editor, Canadian Review of Sociology / Revue canadienne de sociologie

    'There can be no better guide to the social science literature on professions and professionalization than Mike Saks. Himself an important contributor to this literature, Saks skillfully brings the sociology of professions up to date by focusing on the interplay of professional organization with the challenges of state regulation, neo-liberal preferences for market-based policies, and growing public skepticism about expertise. Whatever their shortcomings, Saks concludes, professionalized occupational groups continue to contribute significantly to the well-being of citizens in the Anglo-American world.'

    Steven Brint, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, University of California, USA

    'This is an up-to-date book with roots in the classic literature that provides a valuable student resource, providing historical and theoretical tools for analysing the professions.'

    Mike Dent, Emeritus Professor, Staffordshire University, UK.