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Progress in European Ethnology: Progress in European Ethnology

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This series features specially commissioned regional monographs, providing a critical overview of different national/regional traditions in European ethnology and their development, including bibliographies of key texts in the languages of the respective region as well as material in English. It will be of interest primarily to Europeanists in the fields of anthropology, folklore, social and cultural history, geography, the history of ideas, and modern languages. Intended for researchers, titles in the series will also be suitable as textbooks for the growing number of courses on European Cultures in Britain and the USA.

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Regional Culture and Economic Development Explorations in European Ethnology

Regional Culture and Economic Development: Explorations in European Ethnology

1st Edition

By Ullrich Kockel
July 13, 2017

From an interdisciplinary perspective based primarily on European ethnology and political economy, this book explores issues and concepts concerning the link between culture and economy. A historical introduction to key theoretical problems is followed by five empirical chapters discussing aspects...

Ethnology, Myth and Politics Anthropologizing Croatian Ethnology

Ethnology, Myth and Politics: Anthropologizing Croatian Ethnology

1st Edition

By Dunja Rihtman-Augustin, Jasna Capo Zmegac
May 22, 2017

The book offers a critical overview of Croatian ethnology written by the most prominent Croatian ethnologist/ anthropologist in the second half of the 20th century - Dunja Rihtman-Augustin (recently deceased). She was the first Croatian ethnologist to break with the long established tradition of ...

The Study of European Ethnology in Austria

The Study of European Ethnology in Austria

1st Edition

By James R. Dow, Olaf Bockhorn
June 29, 2017

The study of ethnology or ’Volkskunde’ in Austria has had a troubled past. Through most of the 20th century it was under the influence of the so-called Viennese ’Mythological School’ and the controversy between the two opposing branches, the ’Ritualist’ and the ’Mythologists', set much of the ...

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