Progressive Technologies of Coal, Coalbed Methane, and Ores Mining: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Progressive Technologies of Coal, Coalbed Methane, and Ores Mining

1st Edition

Edited by Volodymyr Bondarenko, Iryna Kovalevs'ka, Kostiantyn Ganushevych

CRC Press

534 pages | 200 B/W Illus.

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Presenting new technologies in underground coal extraction, with special attention to mine galleries support and maintenance, load mechanism of "massif-support system-safety system" systems, analysis of face equipment for thin coal seams mining and substantiation of rational stoping parameters.

Advanced surface mining technologies of coal and ore are discussed in an original form, stability calculations of internal dumps and open-cut faces are presented, as well as examination of land surface subsidence using modern methods of calculation experiments. Special attention is given to the complex mining of mineral resources, such as: iron ore, coal deposits with drilling advance degassing wells, methane extraction from coal and anthropogenic deposits, heat receipt from mine water with help of thermal pumps.

The unique geological conditions for mining in Poland and the Ukraine require a new technological approach for mining thin and very thin coal seams with thickness of 1 meter and less, using selective coal extraction methods, leaving rock behind in the mine. Relevant technological solutions are discussed in this volume.

Further, technological process control during coal seams underground gasification is described together with pressure-temperature conditions of gas hydrates formation from gaseous mixtures of various content. Substantiation is also given to gas hydrates extraction technologies development and 21st century new pulse technologies of well drilling and a temperature mode of a rock-cutting tool and equipment with cryogenic-gravel filters is examined.

Gas extraction processes located in flooded deposits with uniform and macroheterogeneous collectors are presented with the description of an effective methodology of two-subbench technology of ore deposits extraction.

Table of Contents

Preface XI

Main directions in roof bolting technology development at DTEK mines

O. Smirnov & V. Pilyugin

Influence of the structure and properties of coal-bearing massif on bottom heaving

V. Bondarenko, G. Symanovych, V. Chervatyuk & V. Snigur

Loading mechanism of extraction mine working in front of a stoping face

I. Kovalevs’ka, D. Astafiev, O. Vivcharenko & O. Malykhin

Parameters optimization of heat pump units in mining enterprises

G. Pivnyak, V. Samusia, Y. Oksen & M. Radiuk

Physical modeling of waste inclusions stability during mining of complex structured deposits

M. Stupnik, V. Kolosov, V. Kalinichenko & S. Pismennyi

Utilization of the waste products for stowing

V. Buzylo, T. Savelieva, V. Saveliev & T. Morozova

Ways to achieve the optimal schedule of the mining mode of double subbench mining

S. Moldabayev, Zh. Sultanbekova, Ye. Aben & B. Rysbaiuly

Patterns of landslide processes development in conditions of man-made water exchange of mining complex

Ye. Sherstuk, Yu. Demchenko & Yu. Cherednichenko

Hydrogeomechanical processes of occurrence in disturbed rock mass by mine workings

I. Sadovenko & V. Tymoshchuk

Computer-aided multy-object distributtion system for prompt project management

V. Nazimko, M. Illiashov & E. Youshkov

Review of seismograms typical for an in-seam seismic technique in conditions of different coal basins

A. Antsiferov & O. Glukhov

Link of specific electric resistance with qualitative and strength characteristics of ores

V. Portnov, R. Kamarov, A. Mausymbaeva & V. Yurov

Efficiency determination of using magnetic separation while processing of basalt raw material

Ye. Malanchuk

Influence of stoping and coal extraction on gas release level from the underworked massif

Y. Kryzhanovskiy, M. Antoshchenko, R. Gasyuk & D. Shepelevich

Substantiation of cablebolts installation parameters in conditions of soft hoist rocks

Yu. Khalymendyk, A. Baryshnikov & V. Khalymendyk

Plasma processing of steam coal and mine methane in controlled atmosphere for metallurgical production

L. Kholyavchenko, S. Davydov, S. Oparin & A. Maksakova

The study of ecological state of waste disposal areas of coal mining enterprises

A. Gorova, A. Pavlychenko, S. Kulyna & O. Shkremetko

Experimental investigation of digging the organic-mineral sediments of the Black Sea

C. Drebenstedt & V. Franchuk & T. Shepel

Some aspects of technological processes control of an in-situ gasifier during coal seam gasification

V. Falshtynskyi, R. Dychkovskyi, P. Saik & V. Lozynskyi

Methane receiving from coal and technogenic deposits

R. Agaiev, V. Vlasenko & E. Kliuev

Application aspects of adsorption opening effect of solids pore space surface

V. Biletskyi

Rotary drilling system efficiency reserve

M. Dudlya, V. Sirik, V. Rastsvetaev & T. Morozova

Impurity concentration test while moving highly dispersive systems

V. Golinko, D. Saveliev, Ya. Lebedev & T. Morozova

Assessment of goaf degassing wells shear due to their longwall undermining

I. Diedich & V. Nazimko

Parameters determination of the sudden coal and gas outbursts preventing method

V. Demin, N. Nemova & T. Demina

Investigations and technical decisions of the mining and ecological problems while closing coal mines

P. Dolzhikov & S. Semiriagin

Development of truck-conveyor transport in open pit mining of Russia

A. Glebov, G. Karmaev & V. Bersenev

Service of self-propelled mining equipment in underground conditions

M. Stupnik, V. Kalinichenko, I. Bah, V. Pozdnyakov & D. Keita

The use of information and communication technologies in the mathematical preparation of engineers-ecologists: problems and prospects

O. Grebonkina

Evaluation of changes in rock mass permeability due to long-time repeated mining

V. Driban & N. Dubrova

Impulse technologies of borehole dilling – technologies of the XXI century

A. Kozhevnykov

Research of vibrational activation effect on cement-loess mixture in jet grouting technology

S. Vlasov, N. Maksymova-Gulyaeva & E. Tymchenko

Mathematical modeling of hydraulic treatment of anisotropic coal seam

V. Pavlysh, O. Grebonkina & S. Grebyonkin

Economic efficiency of heat pump technology for geothermal heat recovery from mine water

Y. Oksen & O. Samusia

Methodological basics of gas-drainage pipeline engineering for transporting wet firedamp in winter time

V. Alabiev, S. Alekseenko & I. Shaykhlislamova

Formation dynamics of coal seams morphostructure of the deep-seated horizons of the L’viv-Volyn’ basin

K. Bezruchko & M. Matrofailo

Enhancement of coal seams and mined-out areas degassing productivity

V. Demin, Y. Steflyuk & T. Demina

Research of deformations of the “base-fundament” system on underworked and hydroactivated territories by finite element method

P. Dolzhikov, K. Kiriyak & E. Ivlieva

Submersible electromechanical transformers for energy efficient technologies of oil extraction

N. Zablodskij, V. Pliugin & V. Gritsyuk

Evaluation of surface subsidence during mining thin and very thin coal seams

O. Koshka, A. Yavors’kyy & D. Malashkevych

Research of influence of the unloading cavity on stress-strain state of the preparatory working bottom

N. Klishin, K. Sklepovich & P. Pron

Investigation of stress-strain state of rock massif around the secondary chambers

O. Khomenko, M. Kononenko & M. Petlyovanyy

Dilatancy at rock fracture

T. Isabek, A. Bahtybaeva, A. Imashev, N. Nemova & A. Sudarikov

Ecological safety of emulsion explosives use at mining enterprises

T. Kholodenko, Ye. Ustimenko, L. Pidkamenna & A. Pavlychenko

Ways of soils detoxication that are contaminated by heavy metals using nature sorbents

O. Demenko & O. Borysovs’ka

Prognosis for free methane traps of structural and tectonic type in Donbas

K. Bezruchko, O. Prykhodchenko & L. Tokar

Improvement of methods of environmental hazard control of industrial waste

O. Borysovs’ka & A. Pavlychenko

Improvement of operational properties of two-layer filtering elements of dust respirators for mining operations

S. Cheberyachko, O. Yavorska & V. Tykhonenko

Analysis of longwall equipment for thin seams mining in conditions of Polish and Ukrainian mines

D. Astafiev, Y. Shapovalov, P. Kaminski & L. Herezy

Perspective ways of mine locomotives autonomy increase

S. Bartashevskii, O. Koptovets, O. Novitskii & D. Afonin

The geomechanical substantiation of efficiency of ground dikes grouting of mine hydroheaders

P. Dolzhikov, N. Paleychuk & O. Ryzhikova

Investigation of regularities of trapped gas recovery from watered macro heterogeneous gas fields

O. Kondrat & R. Kondrat

Perspectives of mine methane extraction in conditions of Donets’k gas-coal basin

Ye. Korovyaka, V. Astakhov & E. Manykian

Mining and geological conditions of methane redistribution within the undermined coal-rock massif

V. Lukinov, V. Prykhodchenko, L. Tokar & O. Prykhodchenko

Equalization of traffic flows of benches in the working area with excavator-truck complexes

S. Moldabayev, Zh. Sultanbekova, Ye. Aben & I. Gumenik

Defining the parameters of the atmospheric air for iron ore mines

I. Mironova & O. Borysovs’ka

Government control of mines adaptation to infrastructure of coal regions

I. Lozynskyi, O. Ashcheulova & G. Bondarenko

Modern technologies of bolting in weakly metamorphosed rocks: experience and perspectives

V. Lapko, V. Fomychov & L. Fomychova

Creating the effective implementation of double subbench mining technology

S. Moldabayev, Zh. Sultanbekova Ye. Aben & B. Rysbaiuly

Legal regime of energy resources of European Union: ecological aspect

S. Gryschak & R. Kirin

Substantiation of ventilation parameters and ways of degassing under bleeding of methane

O. Mukha & I. Pugach

Impact of face advance rate unevenness on methane release dynamics

V. Okalelov, L. Podlipenskaya & Yu. Bubunets

Substantiation of parameters of filtration flows in mining collapsed areas

I. Oshmyansky & L. Yevstratenko

Statistical analysis and numerical modelling of dust pollution. Case study the city Dniprodzerzhyns’k

D. Rudakov & A. Lyakhovko

New approaches to the problem of sudden outburst of gas and coal dust

V. Portnov, R. Kamarov, I. Shmidt & V. Yurov

Influence of the dynamic loading on stress-strain state of subsiding soils under buildings and structures

O. Solodyankin & N. Ruban

Features of using numerical experiment to analyze the stability of development workings

V. Sotskov & O. Gusev

Preparation of filler-stabilizer for composite materials

O. Svetkina

Control of stability of mine workings equipped with roof bolting

R. Tereschuk, O. Grigoriev, L. Tokar & V. Tikhonenko

Petrographic characteristic of middle carboniferous coal of Bashkirian formation in Lozovskoi coal area

V. Savchuk, V. Prykhodchenko, D. Prykhodchenko & V. Tikhonenko

Substantiation of the rational longwall length methodology

S. Vlasov

Modeling slope stability of internal overburden dumps and quarry faces on equivalent materials

K. Seituly, B. Rakishev & O. Kovrov

Changes of water inflow to underground gasifier depending on hydroheomechanical state of coal seam

V. Tishkov, V. Tymoshchuk & Ye. Sherstuk

Development of recovery technology for broken shotcrete lining with use of fiber reinforced concrete

V. Kovalenko

Geotechnical schemes to the multi-purpose use of geothermal energy and resources of abandoned mines

I. Sadovenko, D. Rudakov & O. Inkin

Concerning CAE systems development of hydraulic hoists within ship mining complexes

V. Kyrychenko, E. Kyrychenko, V. Samusya & A. Antonenko

Corporate governance of vertically integrated coal and methane mining holdings

A. Bardas & O. Horpynych

Application of fine-grained binding materials in technology of hardening backfill construction

O. Kuzmenko, M. Petlyovanyy & A. Heylo

Mechanism of additional noxious fumes formation when conducting blasting operations in rock mass

V. Soboliev, N. Bilan & O. Kirichenko

Theoretical aspects of the potential technological schemes evaluation and their susceptibility to innovations

S. Salli, V. Pochepov & O. Mamaykin

Evaluation of the prospects of comprehensive development of mineral resources in Belozersky iron-ore region

M. Ruzina, N. Bilan, O. Tereshkova & N. Vavrysh

Attractive technological and economic aspects of Ukrainian coal production development

O. Vagonova, V. Prokopenko & A. Kyrychenko

Analytical determination of stress-strain state of rope caused by the transmission of the drive drum traction

D. Kolosov, O. Dolgov & A. Kolosov

Creation of gas hydrates from mine methane

K. Ganushevych, K. Sai & A. Korotkova

Optimization of room-and-pillar method parameters under conditions of limestone rocks

N. Ulanova, O. Sdvyzhkova & V. Prikhodko

The frictional work in pair wheel-rail in case of different structural scheme of mining rolling stock

K. Ziborov & S. Fedoriachenko

About the Editors

Prof. Dr. Volodymyr Bondarenko is Head of the Department of Deposit Mining of National Mining University of Ukraine, Dr. Sc. (Tech), Professor, Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Honoured Scientist of Science and Engineering, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technology.

Volodymyr Bondarenko is a famous specialist in the field of underground mining of coal and ore deposits and author of scientific papers on mining. He is a chairman of the methodological committee of higher education standards preparation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Ukraine for his speciality "Mining".

Volodymyr Bondarenko is one of the authors of "Development strategies of coal industry of Ukraine until 2030 as part of a single work "Strategy of energy development of Ukraine until 2030" and founder of the International School of Underground Mining that consolidates its efforts on saving and development of new scientific trends. The School’s format – holding annual International scientific and practical conferences with presence of well-known specialists-miners of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany and other countries.

20 candidate dissertations and 6 doctoral dissertations have been defended under the direction of Volodymyr Bondarenko, who is author of 245 scientific works, including 15 textbooks, tutorials and monographs, 37 patents for invention have been gained, 33 scientific articles have been printed abroad in famous publications of Germany, England, USA, Canada, Poland and Russia.

Iryna Kovalevska (1968) graduated from the department of Mechanics, mechanical-mathematical faculty of Dnipropetrovsk’s state university in 1990. She is a mechanic, applied mathematics specialist.She took a post-graduate course at the Institution of Geotechnical Mechanics of the Ukraine named after M.S. Polyakov, defended dissertations of technical sciences candidate and doctor of technical sciences, and finally became professor of Underground Mining Department of theNational Mining University.

I.A. Kovalevska is doctor of technical sciences and has been awarded the third degree Miner’s Glory award, she is author of 25 monographs, guided two candidates of technical sciences, and two specialized councils defending candidate and doctoral dissertations. Finally, she is head of budget and economic research areas.

Kostiantyn Ganushevych is Research Assistant and PhD student at the Underground Mining Department. His research is on gas hydrates studies and extraction technologies. He is author of 11 papers and 3 patents, has been a participant in 3 international mining conferences. He is a member of the organizing committee of the international conference "School of Underground Mining", which is held in Crimea, Ukraine. Currently he is engaged in two scientific-research projects focused on gas hydrates extraction technologies development for the conditions of the Black Sea and financed by the Ukrainian government. Dr Ganushevych delivers lectures related to underground mining technologies for advanced students in English.

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