All teamwork is grounded on effective communication. Project Communication enables project managers, leaders of project teams and team members to get their ideas heard, facilitate effective teamwork, create a culture of openness and creative thinking--in short, a culture of effective communication within their team. .

    The book opens with an orientation on what group dynamics and interpersonal communication entail, particularly in terms of management teams. It then guides the reader on a personal  journey whereby different theories and concepts in group dynamics, communication and project team management are gradually introduced. Readers are encouraged to use the book to explore and improve their personal communication style, with the aim of sustaining growth and development within project teams and their respective organisations. 

    Project Communication is an ideal companion to professionals, specialists, and project managers who are leading or working in teams within all types of organisations, businesses, NGO┬┤s and governmental and transnational institutions. The book should be of interest to all those who want to use psychological knowledge to improve their teams. It is also a practical guide that can be used as a training course in interpersonal communication in general, with a special focus on project teams.

    Acknowledgements, Series Preface, Foreword, Chapter 1 Teams and Their Dynamics, Chapter 2 Understanding Teams and Interpersonal Communication, Chapter 3 Team Selection and Team Communication, Chapter 4 Team Cohesion and Expression of Emotions, Chapter 5 Communication Competence, Chapter 6 Authority and Conformity in Teams, Chapter 7 Decision-Making in Teams, Chapter 8 Team Leadership and Assertiveness, Chapter 9 Successful Teams in Context, Index


    Haukur Ingi Jonasson is a Professor at Reykjavik University, a consultant, and Certified Stanford Project Manager. His background is in theology, philosophy, and psychology, which he applies to engineering and management. He is the author of several books on leadership and management.

    Helgi Thor Ingason is a Professor at Reykjavik University, a consultant, and Certified Senior Project Manager. He is the author of several books on management and his work has been published in the Project Management Journal, International Journal of Project Management, and Journal of Metals.