1st Edition

Project Management of Large Software-Intensive Systems

By Marvin Gechman Copyright 2019

    The book describes how to manage and successfully deliver large, complex, and expensive systems that can be composed of millions of line of software code, being developed by numerous groups throughout the globe, that interface with many hardware items being developed by geographically dispersed companies, where the system also includes people, policies, constraints, regulations, and a myriad of other factors. It focuses on how to seamlessly integrate systems, satisfy the customer’s requirements, and deliver within the budget and on time. The guide is essentially a “shopping list” of all the activities that could be conducted with tailoring guidelines to meet the needs of each project.

    I. Software Project Management Fundamentals. 1. Software Project Management Introduction. 2. Software Project Management Activities. 3. System and Software Life Cycle Processes. 4. Software Development Methodologies. II. Software Project Management and Quality Management Domains. 5. Software Management Domain. 6. Software Quality Domain. III. Managing the Software Resources Domain. 7. Managing the Software Project Team. 8. Managing Software Costs and Schedules. 9. Managing Software Facilities, Reuse, and Tools. IV. Managing the Systems and Software Engineering Domains. 10. Systems Engineering Domain. 11. Software Engineering Domain. 12. Collaboration of Software and Systems Engineering. V. Critical Software Elements Domain. 13. Software Documentation Work Products. 14. Software Estimating Methods. 15. Managing Software Performance with Measurements. 16. Managing Software System Sustainment.


    Marvin Gechman has 57 years of practical experience in all aspects of software engineering including the role of President or senior management in four software engineering consulting firms for 18 years, plus five years in the government and 34 years in the Aerospace industry where he focused on managing the software aspects of space, communications and missile defense systems. After graduating from Georgia Tech with a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering he worked for the National Security Agency; during that time he obtained a MS degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science providing his systems perspective focused on Software Engineering.