1st Edition

Promise Of Development Theories Of Change In Latin America

By Peter F Klaren, Thomas J Bossert Copyright 1986
    364 Pages
    by Routledge

    367 Pages
    by Routledge

    In recent years Latin Americanists have been among the most innovative and productive theorists of the uneven process of development. This collection of substantial selections from some of the most prominent theorists in the field represents a scholarly consolidation and reassessment of the controversies concerning the development of Latin America. Beginning with a historiographic overview, the editors emphasize the origins, evolution, and historical context of the development of each theoretical school (modernization, dependency and Marxism, corporatism, and bureaucratic authoritarianism) and then present key selections drawn from the writings of major theorists, organized by school. Each selection is prefaced with a short editorial introduction that highlights the central themes. A concluding section outlines the main debates surrounding each school and suggests new directions in theoretical development that might arise from criticism of the theories of authoritarianism and the search for democratic processes of development. The book’s usefulness as a text is further enhanced by selected bibliographies that contain additional readings on each development theory. Here is a single source for Latin Americanists who hope to interest and instruct their students in the rich theoretical traditions and debates in Latin American studies. This book can also be a strong core volume for courses on other developing areas.

    Also of Interest -- Preface -- Introduction -- Lost Promise: Explaining Latin American Underdevelopment -- Modernization -- Values, Education, and Entrepreneurship -- The Politics of Social and Economic Change in Latin America -- Political Change in Latin America: The Emergence of the Middle Sectors -- Responsibility of the Latifundios for Lags in Social Development -- Dependency and Marxism -- The Development of Underdevelopment -- Economic Development of Latin America -- Nationalism and Populism: Social and Political Forces of Development in the Phase of Consolidating the Domestic Market -- Feudalism and Capitalism in Latin America -- Corporatism -- Social Change, Political Development, and the Latin American Tradition -- Natural Corporatism and the Passing of Populism in Spanish America -- Bureaucratic Authoritarianism -- Toward an Alternative Conceptualization of South American Politics -- Tensions in the Bureaucratic-Authoritarian State and the Question of Democracy -- Conclusion -- The Promise of Theory


    Peter F Klaren, Thomas J Bossert