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Promoting Youth Sexual Health Home, School, and Community Collaboration

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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

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    Promoting Youth Sexual Health, written for preventionists and interventionists who work with children and adolescents across home, school, or community settings, offers guidance on how to promote sexual health among youth. The reader is first introduced to the state of the field, including sexual behaviors in which youth engage, sexual risk and protective factors, standards and professional guidelines for promoting sexual health of youth, developmental and cultural considerations, and considerations in supporting LGBTQ youth. Evidence-based strategies to support child and adolescent sexual health in homes, schools, and communities are then presented. The book concludes with a proposed model for integrating supports across settings to comprehensively promote youth sexual health.

    1. An Introduction to Child and Adolescent Sexual Health 2. Sexual Risk Behavior of Children and Adolescents 3. Sexual Risk and Protective Factors 4. Legal and Ethical Standards and Best Practice Guidelines in the Promotion of Child and Adolescent Sexual Health 5. Developmental and Cultural Considerations in Promoting Sexual Health 6. Promoting the Sexual Heath of Sexual Minority Youth 7. Promoting the Sexual Health of Children and Adolescents at Home 8. Promoting the Sexual Health of Children and Adolescents at School 9. Promoting the Sexual Health of Children and Adolescents in the Community 10. Summary and Future Directions


    Gina Coffee, PhD, is an associate professor and program co-chair in the school psychology program at Loyola University Chicago. In practice, teaching, and research, she focuses on the prevention of academic, behavioral, social, emotional, and health difficulties in children through collaboration with educators, parents, and community members. In 2010, she was awarded an Early Career Research Award by the Society for the Study of School Psychology.

    Pamela Fenning, PhD, is a professor at Loyola University Chicago. She is a licensed clinical and school psychologist in Illinois and is currently the co-chair of the National Association of School Psychologists' Child and Professions Committee.

    Tommy L. Wells, EdS, MSEd, is a doctoral student in the school psychology program at Loyola University Chicago. Before entering the program, he served both as a school counselor and a counselor in private practice.

    Promoting Youth Sexual Health... is a timely and important book... Do you have questions about the current state of children's and adolescents' sexual behavior? ARe you itnerested in educational standards and professional guidelines that promote the sexual/social/emotional health of youth? Are you attuned to and curious about what research findings suggest in terms of how parents, educators, and community members can and need to promote children's sexual health and--ideally--work together? If so, you will value this short but very rich and, I think, terrifically important and helpful monograph. -  Jonathan Cohen, Columbia University, coeditor of International Journal on School Climate and Violence Prevention, author, cofounder and director of the National School Climate Center; reviewing for PsycCritiques

    This up-to-date, comprehensive resource provides practitioners in school and community settings with tools and information essential for delivering effective, culturally sensitive sexual health services to children and adolescents. The authors promote science-based practice by combining detailed coverage of key research results and recent policy developments with practical recommendations and illustrative case studies.—Adena B. Meyers, PhD, Professor, Illinois State University

    Promoting Youth Sexual Health provides a broad, ecological accounting of more recent literature on promoting sexual health for young people in America. For the youth development professional beginning a career or education related to sexual health promotion (or just discovering sexual health is part of their work), the book provides a good overview, case study examples and resources. A good primer on the topic.—Christopher M. Fisher, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Health Promotion and Sexology, Curtin University, Western Australia

    This book provides a comprehensive investigation of current trends in youth sexual behaviors, recommendations for how to increase sexual health among young people, and ample resources which provide further information and support. While emphasizing strength-based and youth-focused approaches, this book offers concrete solutions to addressing sexual health in the home, school, and community both separately and in collaboration. Ultimately, the authors lay the groundwork for a high standard of promoting youth sexual health across all contexts. This holistic, public health approach is essential to teach children to become sexually healthy and responsible.—L. Kris Gowen, PhD, EdM, Sexuality Educator and Researcher, Oregon Youth Sexual Health Partnership, Author, Sexual Decisions