1st Edition

Thirty Years of Influence From the Mental Research Institute

ISBN 9781138983984
Published October 17, 2016 by Routledge
328 Pages

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Book Description

Here is a work of profound clinical scope from some of the foremost leaders in psychology. Propagations: Thirty Years of Influence From the Mental Research Institute, written by alumni and disciples of the Institute (MRI), is not just a compliment to the MRI influence, but also a way for readers to discover and savor the important contributions of those influenced by the MRI. The book contains the cutting edge thinking of some of the most respected clinicians from across the globe. The authors describe their application of ideas pioneered at the MRI, demonstrating its broad influence on present day leaders of family and brief therapy. Chapters range from the theoretical to the case study, tied together by the theme of how this amazing institute has widely impacted therapeutic thought. The book clarifies the depth and power of the MRI influence, which extends to theory, all aspects of psychotherapy practice, other professions, and other lands. Propagations offers outstanding conceptualizations, teaching, writing, and clinical and non-clinical therapy ideas that are immediately useful to clinicians, academic researchers, students, and other individuals interested in how people change.

The book’s introduction provides background information on MRI and includes a condensed transcript of a “trialog” which took place between Jules Riskin, Paul Watzlawick, and John Weakland conveying MRI’s origins, traditions, and ethos. Propagations then breaks into four sections. Influencing Fields of Interest and Viewpoints examines MRI influence beyond the specific field of psychotherapy. Influences on Clinical Work looks at MRI’s influence on professional groups and contains clinicians’reflections on how contact with MRI theory and practice has influenced their work. Changes in Venue shows utilization of MRI approaches across cultural and professional borders, while The Outer Reaches looks beyond the specifics of psychotherapy.

This inviting book reflects a wide variety of approaches, styles, and subjects, and ranges from preliminary musings to formal reports. This diversity offers a useful example of how new ideas and related practices develop and diversify from a broad common core. Readers can discover how interactional principles are being implemented in different nations, practice settings, and theoretical applications. Family and brief therapists, counselors and counselor educators, and professionals in related fields will find Propagations a source of useful information, thoughtful recollection, and stimulation for future activities.

Table of Contents

Contents Preface

  • Introduction: MRI: A Little Background Music
  • Section I: Influencing Fields of Interest and Viewpoints
  • A Research Worker Is Permanently in Debt
  • A Note on Metacommunication
  • The Interactional Theory and Therapy of Don D. Jackson
  • Section II: Influences on Clinical Work
  • Unfaithfulness in the Marital System: Paradoxical Therapy Using the Idea of Revenge
  • The Case of Anna C.
  • Brief Strategic Therapy of Phobic Disorders: A Model of Therapy and Evaluation Research
  • The Process of Implementing Brief Strategic Therapy Within a Residential/Daytreatment Center
  • Outpatient Clinic Effectiveness With the MRI Brief Therapy Model
  • MRI Brief Therapy Training: An Introduction to Cybernetic Thinking
  • Strategic Intervention: Constructing the Process of Rapid Change
  • Section III: Changes in Venue
  • Doing Brief Therapy in India
  • How to Breed “Hippogrifs” That Can Handle Problems
  • From the Dictatorship of Lacan to the Democracy of Short-Term Therapies
  • A Swedish Experience
  • Teaching Brief Therapy Techniques to Family Practice Residents
  • A Physician’s View: On One-Downsmanship and Treating the Complainant
  • Influence of MRI Brief Therapy on Research Within Psychiatric Settings
  • Persuasive Public Speaking: How MRI Changed the Way I Preach
  • Section IV: The Outer Reaches
  • Interactional Thoughts on Cancer
  • The Brief Therapy Tradition
  • Quantum Psychology and the Metalogic of Second Order Change
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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