1st Edition

Property, Bureaucracy and Culture Middle Class Formation in Contemporary Britain

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This assured and powerful study explores the condition of the middle classes in Britain today. The authors outline a new theoretical perspective for exploring the middle classes and provide the reader with up-to-date empirical information on the class structure.

    Preface: Why we wrote this book 1. Are the Middle Classes Social Classes? 2. The Dynamics of Service Class Formation 3. The Historical Formation of the British Middle Classes 4. The Contemporary Restructuring of the Middle Classes 5. The Housing Market and the Middle Classes: Class Tenure and Capital Accumulation 6. Culture, Consumption and Lifestyle 7. Social Mobility and Household Formation 8. Regional Context and Spatial Mobility 9. Class Formation and Political Change, Appendix 1: What is Class Analysis? Appendix 2: Socio-Economic Groups, Appendix 3: The British Market Research Bureau's Classification of Occupations, Footnotes, References


    Michael Savage, James Barlow, Peter Dickens, Tom Fielding