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    Routledge Student Statutes present all the legislation students need in one easy-to-use volume. Developed in response to feedback from lecturers and students, this book offers a fully up-to-date, comprehensive, and clearly presented collection of legislation - ideal for LLB and GDL course and exam use. 

    Routledge Student Statutes are:   
    • Exam Friendly: un-annotated and conforming to exam regulations  
    • Tailored to fit your course: 80% of lecturers we surveyed agree that Routledge Student Statutes match their course and cover the relevant legislation  
    • Trustworthy: Routledge Student Statutes are compiled by subject experts, updated annually and have been developed to meet student needs through extensive market research  
    • Easy to use: a clear text design, comprehensive table of contents, multiple indexes and highlighted amendments to the law make these books the most student-friendly Statutes on the market    Competitively Priced: Routledge Student Statutes offer content and usability rated as good or better than our major competitor, but at a more competitive price  
    • Supported by a Companion Website: presenting scenario questions for interpreting Statutes, annotated web links, and multiple-choice questions, these resources are designed to help students to be confident and prepared.

    Contents  Preface vii Guide to the Companion Website viii Prescription Act 1832 1–3 Wills Act 1837 3–10 Common Law Procedure Act 1852 10–11 Wills (Soldiers and Sailors) Act 1918 11–12 Law of Property Act 1922 12–14 Settled Land Act 1925 14–36 Trustee Act 1925 36–62 Law of Property Act 1925 62–153 Land Registration Act 1925 154–174 Administration of Estates Act 1925 175–199 Law of Property (Amendment) Act 1926 199–200 Landlord and Tenant Act 1927 200–202 Law of Property (Entailed Interests) Act 1932 203 Leasehold Property (Repairs) Act 1938 203–204 Intestates’ Estates Act 1952 204–207 Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 Charitable Trusts (Validation) Act 1954 207–209 Recreational Charities Act 1958 209–210 Variation of Trusts Act 1958 210–211 Rights of Light Act 1959 211–214 Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 1964 214–219 Law of Property (Joint Tenants) Act 1964 220 Wills Act 1968 220–221 Law of Property Act 1969 221–223 Administration of Justice Act 1970 223–224 Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Act 1970 224 Powers of Attorney Act 1971 225–226 Defective Premises Act 1972 Land Charges Act 1972 226–237 Administration of Justice Act 1973 237–238 Consumer Credit Act 1974 238–244 Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 244–263 Local Land Charges Act 1975 263–265 Rentcharges Act 1977 265–267 Protection from Eviction Act 1977 267–271 Criminal Law Act 1977 271–275 Charging Orders Act 1979 275–278 Limitation Act 1980 278–290 Highways Act 1980 291–292 Senior Courts Act 1981 293–297 Forfeiture Act 1982 297–299 Administration of Justice Act 1982 299–300 County Courts Act 1984


    Russell Hewitson is a Principal Lecturer in Law and Director of International Development for the School of Law  at Northumbria University.