1st Edition

Property and Power in Social Theory A Study in Intellectual Rivalry

By Dick Pels Copyright 1998
    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    Property and power perform a key role in social and political theories of class inequality and social stratification, however, theorists have yet clearly to define these concepts, their mutual boundaries and scopes of application. This book answers the property/power puzzle by undertaking a broad historical inquiry into its intellectual origins and present-day effects through a series of case studies, including:
    Marxism vs. anarchism
    * the fascist assertion of the primacy of the political
    * social science as power theory
    * the managerial revolution
    * the knowledge society and the new intellectual classes

    Preface Introduction 1. The Liberal Dichotomy and Its Dissolution 2. Inside the Diamond: Rivalry and Reduction 3. Marxism vs. Anarchism 4. Fascism and the Primacy of the Political 5. Social Science as Power Theory 6. Power, Property, and Managerialism 7. Intellectual Closure and the New Class 8. Towards a Theory of Intellectual Rivalry


    Pels, Dick