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Proselytization Revisited
Rights Talk, Free Markets and Culture Wars

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ISBN 9781845532284
Published August 8, 2014 by Routledge
320 Pages

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Book Description

The act of converting people to certain beliefs or values is highly controversial in today's postcolonial, multicultural world. Proselytization has been viewed by some as an aggressive act of political domination. 'Proselytization Revisited' offers a comprehensive overview of the many arguments for and against proselytization in different regions and contexts. Proselytization is examined in the context of rights talk, globalisation and culture wars. The volume brings together essays demonstrating the global significance of proselytization, ranging from Christians in India to Turkish Islamic Movements and the Wiccan use of modern media technologies. The cross-cultural and multidisciplinary nature of this collection of essays provides a fresh perspective and the book will be of value to readers interested in the dynamic interaction of beliefs, ideas and cultures.

Table of Contents

1. Rosalind I. J. Hackett, "Revisiting Proselytization in the Context of Rights Talk, Free Markets and Culture Wars"2. Jean-Francois Mayer, "Conflicts over Proselytism - An Overview and Comparative Perspective"3. Jacob De Roover and Sarah Claerhout, "Conversion of the World: Proselytization in India and the Universalization of Christianity"4. Grace Kao, "The Logic of Anti-Proselytization, Revisited"5. Paul Freston, "The Changing Face of Christian Proselytization: New Actors from the Global South"6. Heather Sharkey, "Muslim Apostasy, Christian Conversion, and Religious Freedom in Egypt"7. F.-K. Asonzeh Ukah, "Seeing is More Than Believing: Posters and Proselytization in Nigeria"8. Steve C. Berkwitz, "Buddhism and the Politics of Conversion in Sri Lanka"9. Rachelle Jacobs Scott, "Merit and the Search for Inner Peace: the Discourses and Technologies of Dhammakaya Proselytization"10. Jean DeBernardi, "Asia's Antioch: Evangelical Christianity and Proselytism in Singapore"11. Paul-Francois Tremlett, "False Consciousness and the Jargon of Authenticity: Religion and Nationalism in the Christianised Lowland Philippines"12. Patsy Rahn, "Salvation through Secular Protest: the Development of Falun Gong Proselytization"13. Mark Mullins, "The Social and Legal Context of Proselytization in Contemporary Japanese Religions"14. Olga Kazmina, "Negotiating Proselytism in 21st Century Russia"15. Bayram Balci, "Between Da'wa and Mission: Turkish Islamic Movements in the Turkic World (Central Asia and the Caucasus)"16. Julia S. Kovalchuk, "Spiritual Wars in the 10-40 Window: Korean Proselytism among Russia's Asian Minorities"17. Shawn Arthur, "Proselytization or Information? Wicca and the Internet"18. Omri Elisha, "You Can't Talk to an Empty Stomach: Faith-based Activism, Holistic Evangelism, and the Publicity of Evangelical Engagement"19. James T. Richardson, Concluding remarks

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Rosalind I. J. Hackett, University of Tennessee, Knoxville