Prospective Memory : Theory and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Prospective Memory
Theory and Applications

ISBN 9781138984028
Published January 20, 2016 by Psychology Press
438 Pages

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Book Description

Devoted exclusively to prospective memory, this volume organizes the research and thoughts of the important contributors to the field in one comprehensive resource. The chapter authors not only focus on their own work, but also review other research areas and address those where the methods and theories from the retrospective memory literature are useful and where they fall short. Each section is followed by at least one commentary written by a prominent scholar in the field of memory. The commentators present critical analyses of the chapters, note ideas that they found particularly exciting, and use these ideas as a foundation on which to elaborate their own views of prospective memory.

This volume will stimulate the thinking of active prospective memory researchers, provide a coherent organization of the area for the increasing number of people who are interested in prospective memory but who are not yet actively conducting research in the area, and serve as a book of readings for upper division seminars.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Part I: Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval in Prospective Memory. J. Ellis, Prospective Memory or the Realization of Delayed Intentions: A Conceptual Framework for Research. L. Kvavilashvili, J. Ellis, Varieties of Intention: Some Distinctions and Classifications. T. Goschke, J. Kuhl, Remembering What to Do: Explicit and Implicit Memory for Intentions. T. Mäntylä, Activating Actions and Interrupting Intentions: Mechanisms of Retrieval Sensitization in Prospective Memory. G.O. Einstein, M.A. McDaniel, Retrieval Processes in Prospective Memory: Theoretical Approaches and Some New Empirical Findings. R.G. Crowder, Commentary: The Trouble With Prospective Memory: a Provocation. H.L. Roediger, III, Commentary: Prospective Memory and Episodic Memory. R.R. Hunt, R.E. Smith, Commentary: Representations May Be Restrictive: Where Is the Feeling of Prospective Memory? Part II: Aging and Prospective Memory. E.A. Maylor, Does Prospective Memory Decline with Age? A.R. Dobbs, M.B. Reeves, Prospective Memory: More Than Memory. F.I.M. Craik, S.A. Kerr, Commentary: Prospective Memory, Aging, and Lapses of Intention. P. Rabbitt, Commentary: Why Are Studies of "Prospective Memory" Planless? Part III: Neuropsychology of Prospective Memory. E.L. Glisky, Prospective Memory and the Frontal Lobes. J.D. Cohen, R.C. O'Reilly, A Preliminary Theory of the Interactions Between Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus that Contribute to Planning and Prospective Memory. P.S. Bisiacchi, The Neuropsychological Approach in the Study of Prospective Memory. T. Shallice, Commentary: The Neuropsychology of Prospective Memory. Part IV: Applications: Using and Improving Prospective Memory in Real World Settings. J. Cockburn, Assessment and Treatment of Prospective Memory Deficits. C.J. Camp, J.W. Foss, A.B. Stevens, A.M. O'Hanlon, Improving Prospective Memory Task Performance in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease. D.C. Park, D.P. Kidder, Prospective Memory and Medication Adherence. D. Herrmann, Commentary: Improving Prospective Memory.

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"...I recommend this book to anyone interested in the phenomena of prospective memory, who wants a thought-provoking up-to-date review of research in the area together with generally clear-headed theoretical discussion from researchers who have made major contributions to our understanding of prospective memory or memory in general."