1st Edition

Prospective Memory

Edited By Jan Rummel, Mark A. McDaniel Copyright 2019
    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    Featuring contributions from world-leading experts, this book presents a timely overview of current theoretical, methodological, and applied issues in the field of prospective memory. The authors explore how prospective memories are formed, how they are maintained over time, and how they are retrieved. This volume integrates our understanding of prospective memory and how it functions with related cognitive processes and themes, such as context memory, metamemory, working memory, and cognitive control. Considering recent methodological advances in the field, such as the use of cognitive modeling, the book also covers individual differences in prospective memory abilities, their development across the life span, and their manifestations in naturalistic settings. The book also illustrates how the understanding of prospective memory can be integrated with other related research areas.

    Prospective Memory is an invaluable resource for students and researchers of human memory.

    List of Contributors

    1. Introduction: Prospective Memory
      Jan Rummel & Mark A. McDaniel
    2. The Multiprocess Framework: Historical Context and the "Dynamic" Extension
      Jill Talley Shelton, Michael K. Scullin, & Jessica Y. Hacker
    3. Prospective Memory in Context: Methods, Findings, and Future Directions
      Rebekah E. Smith & Donald J. Skinner
    4. Fate of Suspended and Completed Prospective Memory Intentions
      Julie M. Bugg & Emily Streeper
    5. Metacognition of Prospective Memory: Will I remember to remember?
      Beatrice G. Kuhlmann
    6. Evidence Accumulation Modeling of Event-Based Prospective Memory
      Luke Strickland, Shayne Loft, Andrew Heathcote
    7. Neuropsychological and Physiological Correlates of Prospective Memory
      Giorgia Cona & Nicolas Rothen
    8. Individual Differences in Prospective Memory
      Hunter Ball, Anne Vogel & Gene A. Brewer
    9. Prospective Memory Across the Lifespan
      Nicola Ballhausen, Alexandra Hering, Peter G. Rendell, & Matthias Kliegel
    10. Take the Field! Investigating Prospective Memory in Naturalistic and Real-Life Settings
      Jan Rummel & Lia Kvavilashvili
    11. Prospective Memory in Safety-Critical Work Wontexts
      Shayne Loft, Key Dismukes, & Tobias Grundgeiger
    12. Realized Accomplishments in Prospective Memory and Some Thoughts About the Future
      Mark A. McDaniel & Gilles O. Einstein



    Jan Rummel is a designated Heisenberg Professor and the principal investigator of the Cognition and Attention Regulation Laboratory (CARL) at Heidelberg University, Germany. His research focuses on the cognitive processes involved in prospective memory, intentional forgetting, and the regulation of attention.

    Mark A. McDaniel is a Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, United States. His research focuses on prospective memory, encoding and retrieval processes in memory, and applications of cognitive psychology to education. He is co-author of Prospective Memory: An Overview and Synthesis of an Emerging Field (2007).