1st Edition

Prospects for Immortality A Sensible Search for Life after Death

By J Robert Adams Copyright 2003
    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    170 Pages
    by Routledge

    "Prospects for Immortality: A Sensible Search for Life After Death" theorizes how matters concerning the birth of the universe, its ultimate fate, and the creation, evolution, and final destiny of life on earth co-exist with regenerated consciousness. Readers of this volume will be prompted to think about the basic concepts of life, death, and consciousness in a unique way. Written in a style that entertains and informs, author J. Robert Adams speculates on how the transfer of memory and consciousness into the hereafter occurs in conjunction with the physical, chemical, and historical facts already established by science.


    CHAPTER 1 A Bird’s-eye View Upcoming Chapters

    CHAPTER 2 Personal Survival after Death
     The Saved Consciousness Hypothesis
     The Case for Life After Death
     Saved Memory
     The Subatomic Quantum World
     Regenerating Consciousness
     Continuous Transfer
     Recall After Alzheimer’s
     A New Body
     New Dimensions
     Other People

    CHAPTER 3 Meet the Grim Reaper
     The Death and Rebirth of the Body (A Thought Experiment)
     The Death and Resurrection of the Cell
     (An Actual Experiment)
     Body Freezing
     Fear of Death

    CHAPTER 4 Postponing Death
     Extending the Life Span
     Stop-Gap Measures
     The Necessity of Death
     Ticking Time Bomb

    CHAPTER 5 The Elimination of Death
     The Final Common Pathway
     Transfer and Playback

    CHAPTER 6 What, Where, Why?

    CHAPTER 7 How Did I Come into the World? Who Am I?
     Life’s Beginnings
     Mutations and DNA
     The Subjective Part of Me

    CHAPTER 8 Where Am I? What is This Thing
     Called the World?
     The Big Bang
     Red Giants
     White Dwarfs
     Neutron Stars
     Black Holes

    CHAPTER 9 Why Was I Not Consulted?
     Where is the Manager?
     Contrasting Views of the Soul
     Anticipating Death

    CHAPTER 10 A Chat with Kierkegaard

     APPENDIX I Recycled Life versus New Life

     APPENDIX II Making Protein

     APPENDIX III The Saved Consciousness Hypothesis

     APPENDIX IV Random Assortment & Crossover

     APPENDIX V Cell Energy

     APPENDIX VI Tweaking the Consciousness Wave

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