1st Edition

Proteasomes: The World of Regulatory Proteolysis

By Wolfgang Hilt, Dieter H. Wolf Copyright 2000
    389 Pages 68 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book highlights proteasome structures and how they are related to different aspects of proteasome function. Moreover, the book reports on the functional roles these highly developed proteolytic machines play within the cell. It was a great surprise to the scientific world that proteolysis provides crucial functions in cellular regulation. The surprise was even greater when it was found that not lysosomes, but protease complexes with remarkably sophisticated architectures were responsible for the control of essential regulatory events. Excitingly, proteasomes were found to be involved in widespread functions of cell physiology, which included degradation of protein waste, antigen presentation, regulation of cell metabolism and cell differentiation as well as control of the cell cycle. The discovery of such multiple and essential functions made investigation of proteasome mediated regulatory proteolysis a highly significant theme in cell biology. Written by pioneers in the field the book represents a comprehensive up-to-date view on proteasome structures and functions from the ultimate frontier of cell biology research. It ties the reader to all facets of cell function. This work is an indispensable source for scientists working in the fields of basic and applied cell biology and immunology. Different aspects of proteasome functions are associated with the development of detrimental diseases like cancer, neurodegeneration, cystic fibrosis or immune disorders. Therefore, data reviewed in this book are important for physicians and pharmacologists active in research, and experts in the pharmaceutical industry.

    1. Proteasomes: A Historical Retrospective 2. Proteasomes in Prokaryotes 3. Proteasome Crystal Structures 4. Subunit Arrangement in the Human Proteasome 5. Active Sites and Assembly of the 20S Proteasome 6. The Regulatory Particle of the Yeast Proteasome 7. The Mammalian Regulatory Complex of the 26S Proteasome 8. The 20S Proteasome Activator PA28 or 1IS Regulator 9. Proteasome Activators and Synthetic Modulators 10. The Proteasome Inhibitors and Their Uses 11. Intracellular Localization of Proteasomes 12. Primary Destruction Signals 13. The Ubiquitin System in Yeast 14. The Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway in Mammals: Mechanisms of Action and Involvement in Pathogenesis of Human Diseases 15. Deubiquitinating Enzymes and the Regulation of Proteolysis 16. Degradation of Ornithine Decarboxylase, a Ubiquitin-independent Proteasomal Process 17. The Ubiquitin-Proteasome System in Cell Cycle Control 18. p53 and the Proteasome Pathway 19. The Role of the Proteasome in Apoptosis 20. Function of the Proteasome in the Protein Quality Control Process of the Endoplasmic Reticulum 21. M H C Class I Antigen Presentation and the Proteasome Pathway 22. Ubiquitin, Proteasomes and Neurodegenerative Disease 23. The Proteasome in Posttranscriptional Control: A Protease with Endonuclease Activity?


    Wolfgang Hilt, Institut fur Biochemie Universitat Stuttgart Stuttgart, Germany. Dieter H. Wolf, lnstitut fur Biochemie Universitat Stuttgart Stuttgart, Germany.