1st Edition

Protection Devices and Systems for High-Voltage Applications

By Vladimir Gurevich Copyright 2003

    This publication discusses general problems related to the structure of current overload protection systems in high voltage (HV) electrical installations and introduces a family of new devices based on reed switch contacts, solid-state units, hybrid technology and automatic systems based on these components. It highlights their application in high voltage (5 to 100 kV) power supplies, power lasers and radar, RF-generators and protection systems for class 6 to 24 kV distribution networks. The author also discusses applications in power engineering, radio-electronic equipment, and industrial high voltage devices.

    Problems of overload and spark protection systems for high power RF generators, lasers, and radar; high-voltage interface RG-series relays; high-voltage switching devices; low-voltage switching devices for high-voltage power supply; applications for power engineering; applications for powerful radio-electronic equipment; high-voltage devices for industrial applications. Appendices: selected publications by the author; some types of RG-relays with special characteristics; environmental tests of RG-relays for MIL-STD-202 requirements; components recommended for use in HV protection devices; insulation materials for production of RG-relays; engineering equations for calculations of magnetic conductivity in magnetic circuits and electrical fields for some forms of electrodes.


    Vladimir Gurevich

    "…Industrial and HV power engineers may find this book interesting, especially those developing low current HV protection equipment."
    -Electrical Insulation