1st Edition

Protection of Historical Buildings, Two Volume Set PROHITECH 09

Edited By Federico Mazzolani
    ISBN 9780415558037
    1024 Pages
    Published June 12, 2009 by CRC Press

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    This book is a comprehensive review of recent developments in the field of the protection of relevant buildings belonging to the cultural heritage. at the first International Conference PROHITECH 09 (Rome, Italy, June 2009). Including the latest progress in theoretical and experimental research on the seismic protection of existing constructions, the book presents the following topics: Conservation of the Religious Heritage; Rehabilitation of Old Bridges; Old Timber Structures; Cultural Heritage in China, Korea and Japan; Modern Heritage; The use of FRP in Structural Restoration; Passive Control; Rehabilitation of Medinas; Monitoring and Diagnosis; Study Cases; Innovative Materials and Techniques; Numerical Analyses; Traditional Restoration Techniques; Intervention Strategies; Vulnerability to Man-Made Hazards; Vulnerability to Natural Hazards; Experimental Analyses; Reversible Mixed Techniques.

    Volume 1

    Keynote lectures

    The safeguard of the modern architecture: Legal provisions and operative procedure 
    A. Artioli

    Assessment of existing bridges: General aspects and safety principles 
    J.-A. Calgaro

    Non linear FEM and limit analysis of masonry structures in religious heritage constructions 
    A. De Luca, R. Santaniello, A. Giordano & E. Mele

    Strategies of preservation and prevention of historical medinas in Morocco 
    A. Iben brahim, A. El Mouraouah, M. Kasmi, A. Birouk, A. El Hammoumi,  K. Gueraoui, M. Kerroum & E. Toto

    Composites for seismic protection of cultural heritage 
    G. Manfredi

    Development and application of innovative anti-seismic systems for the seismic Protection of cultural heritage 
    A. Martelli

    Overview of rehabilitation and intervention strategies of existing building in Japan: The way how to combine creativity on use with the improvement of built environment 
    S. Matsumura & T. Eguchi

    The output of the PROHITECH research project 
    F.M. Mazzolani

    Behavior and rehabilitation of traditional timber structures 
    M. Piazza

    Special sessions

    Conservation of the religious heritage

    Effects of DSSI on Noto Cathedral behaviour: Evaluation by means of FEM analyses 
    G. Abate, M.R. Massimino & M. Maugeri

    FE simulation of masonry wall samples of Mustafa Pasha mosque by homogeneous continuum models: Analysis and calibration 
    M. Annecchiarico, F. Portioli & R. Landolfo

    Methodology for renovation and seismic strengthening of St. Clement’s church, St. Panteleymon – Plaoshnik – Ohrid 
    R.P. Apostolska, G.S. Necevska-Cvetanovska &V.I. Sendova

    Early christian cemetery complex Sopianae/Pécs Hungary 
    B. Bachmann

    St. Bartholomew’s bell tower 
    B. Bachmann

    Investigation, diagnosis and conservation design of the church of St. Lorenzo in Cremona, Italy 
    L. Binda, G. Cardani, C. Gentile, L. Zanzi & E. Massetti

    Rehabilitation of the religious heritage in seismic regions: Principle and practice 
    M. Danieli & J. Bloch

    Seismic analysis of the Fossanova gothic church by numerical models and comparison with experimental tests 
    G. De Matteis, A. Eboli, F. Campitiello & F.M. Mazzolani

    Analysis of rock weathering and conservation strategies for rock-hewn churches of Lalibela (Ethiopia) 
    G. Delmonaco, C. Margottini & D. Spizzichino

    Roofs of medieval churches in the Kingdom of Seville (Spain): Intervention procedures 
    J.C. Gómez de Cózar & R. Benítez Bodes

    Analytical and experimental investigations of Byzantine church 
    G. Kokalanov, Lj. Tashkov, L. Krstevska & M. Aleksovska

    Stability of the rock cliff at the site the rock church “Our Lady” near Ivanovo, Russe region 
    A. Lakov & I. Paskaleva

    Historical interventions on the Treasure of St. Gennaro’s Chapel in Naples, Italy: Numerical analyses and damage assessment 
    G.P. Lignola & E. Cosenza

    Design by testing of seismic restoration of Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Skopje 
    F.M. Mazzolani, V.I. Sendova & P. Gavrilovic

    Rehabilitation of old bridges

    On the time variability of eigenfrequencies and viscous equivalent damping in historical masonry structures: A case study 
    P. Croce, M. Mengozzi & M. Luise

    An integrated approach for the vulnerability assessment of a historical metal railway bridge 
    M. D’Aniello, L. Cascini, F. Portioli & R. Landolfo

    The failure and rehabilitation of steel box girder bridges 
    I. Firth

    Load-bearing capacity of masonry arch bridges using a plastic model 
    A. Grandjean & E. Brühwiler

    Assessment of existing reinforced concrete bridges for effective rehabilitation 
    M. Holicky & M. Sykora

    Vertical component effect of earthquake in seismic performance of reinforced concrete bridge piers 
    N. Hosseinzadeh

    Protection of an old stone masonry arch bridge against railway impact 
    K. Karbasi Arani & A.P. Zandi

    Ambient vibration testing of old bridge in Mostar 
    L. Krstevska, Lj. Tashkov & M. Kustura

    Nonlinear response of composite steel plate girder bridges for seismic loads 
    M. Lotfollahi, M.A.A. Sajedi & M. Mofid

    Design for strengthening and repair of the bridges in Republic of Macedonia 
    G. Markovski, S. Atanasovski, Z. Desovski, T. Arangelovski, O. Kolevski & D. Nakov

    The use of structural aluminium in the restoration of the 1832 “Real Ferdinando” suspension bridge 
    F.M. Mazzolani

    Stone arch bridges and traditional repairing techniques in eastern Blacksea region of Turkey 
    A. Ural & A. Doğangün

    Interaction of the bridge infill layers with the bridge structure 
    J. Witzany, T. Čejka & R. Zigler

    Rehabilitation of old timber structures

    The refurbishment of existing timber floors: Characterization of the in-plane behaviour 
    C. Baldessari, M. Piazza & R. Tomasi

    Portuguese traditional timber structures: Survey, analysis and strengthening 
    J.M. Branco

    Original and strengthened traditional timber connections 
    J.M. Branco, P.J. Cruz & M. Piazza

    Refurbishment of traditional timber floor with inclined screw connectors 
    A. Crosatti, M. Piazza, R. Tomasi & A. Angeli

    Effects of the rotational, axial and transversal stiffness of the joints on the static response of old timber framings 
    T. Descamps & P. Lemlyn

    Identification of the mechanical properties of ancient soft timber by means of non-destructive tests 
    G. De Matteis, F. Campitiello, B. Calderoni & C. Giubileo

    Mechanical identification by NDT of old chestnut structural timber 
    B. Faggiano, M.R. Grippa, A. Marzo & F.M. Mazzolani

    Restoration of timber roof structures – the use of traditional techniques or employment of contemporary techniques 
    T.T. Ferreira & R.T.M. Ribeiro

    Novel engineering techniques to improve the in-plane stiffness of wooden floors 
    N. Gattesco & L. Macorini

    Capacity in column-connecting beam joints of traditional wooden structure in Korea 
    J.K. Hwang & S.-G. Hong

    The application of low intrusion techniques and smart materials for strengthening of timber structures in reconstruction 
    M. Jahreis, K.U. Schober & K. Rautenstrauch

    Reinforcement of bent timber beams in historic buildings 
    J. Jasieńko, T. Nowak & Ł. Bednarz

    A study on seismic retrofitting method with siding board for existing timber buildings 
    K. Kohara, A. Takahashi, M. Fukumoto, K. Komoto, A. Imanishi, S. Hagiwara & K. Miyazawa

    Mechanical behavior of Taiwan traditional tenon and mortise wood joints 
    M.-L. Lin, C.-L. Lin, S.-J. Hwang, W.-F. Liao, Z.-C. Lin, C.-W. Lee & M.-T. Tsai

    Reinforce of wooden beam in the ancient building by using steel structural elements 
    K.D.L. França, E.C. de Araújo & H.A. de Souza

    Italian standardisation activity in the field of diagnosis and restoration of ancient timber structures 
    N. Macchioni & M. Piazza

    Push-out tests on steel collar connections for composite timber-concrete beams 
    A. Marzo, M.R. Grippa, B. Faggiano & F.M. Mazzolani

    Experimental vs numerical analysis of collar connectors for composite timber-concrete floors 
    A. Marzo, B. Faggiano, L. Calado & F.M. Mazzolani

    The diplomatic hall of the Royal Palace of Naples: Diagnosis, analysis and retrofitting of the timber structures 
    F.M. Mazzolani, B. Faggiano, A. Marzo & M.R. Grippa

    Experimental testing for the identification of mechanical characteristics of ancient timber elements 
    M.R. Migliore & F. Ramundo

    Mechanical models for the analysis of timber structures 
    M.R. Migliore & F. Ramundo

    End-of-life wood quality of a hydraulic structure 
    N.E. Montaruli, J.W.G. van de Kuilen, W.F. Gard, E. Conti & R.G.J. Weersink

    Traditional timber roof structures: Seismic vulnerability assessment and preservation 
    M.A. Parisi, C. Chesi, C. Tardini & M. Piazza

    Repair of timber end-beams: Some operational aspects 
    B. Pizzo & M. Lauriola

    Seismic behaviour of timber reinforced masonry buildings 
    E. Vintzileou & A. Skoura

    Strengthening of wooden floors by means of improved lime mortar slab 
    A. Marini, C. Zanotti, S. Cominelli, A. Gasparotti & E. Giuriani

    Protection of cultural heritage in China, Korea and Japan

    Seismic rehabilitation of historical buildings in Japan 
    K. Fujita,Y. Ikeda, N. Hirota, M. Tsunoda & R. Kumagai

    Casualty estimation in the collapse of masonry structures due to earthquakes 
    A. Furukawa & J. Kiyono

    Structural stability for restoration of traditional masonry pagoda in Korea 
    S.-G. Hong, N.K. Hong, B. Bae & J. Hwang

    Feasibility study on the development and application of vibration control systems for heritage structures in Korea 
    N.K. Hong, B. Bae, H.-M. Koh & S.-G. Hong

    Earthquake disasters for Korean historical heritage and monuments and countermeasures 
    S.G. Kim, H.D. Oh, D.M. Kim & J.W. Shin

    Numerical study on vulnerability of masonry structures to earthquakes 
    J. Kiyono & A. Furukawa

    A study on the structural retrofitting design for Japanese traditional narrow dwelling houses 
    K. Kohara, A. Takahashi & M. Fukumoto

    Effects of age-related deterioration on earthquake response of traditional Japanese wooden temples 
    Y. Ooka, K. Izuno & K. Toki

    Damage analysis of masonry pagodas in Wenchuan earthquake 
    C. Qing

    A study on vibration performances of Japanese traditional timber buildings based on micro tremor measurements 
    A. Takahashi, M. Fukumoto & K. Kohara

    Reliability-based service life prediction of ancient timber structure 
    X.L. Wang, W.L. Qu & H.L. Li

    Damage assessment and preservation of suspending system of Yongle-Big-Bell 
    S.Y. Zhang, Z.L. Xie &Y.S. Hong

    Modern heritage

    Corrosion assessment of structural and decorative reinforced concrete of Torre Velasca in Milan 
    L. Bertolini, F. Lollini & E. Redaelli

    The restoration of the Pirelli skyscraper 
    V. Corvino, G. Multari & R. Sarno

    Experimental and numerical investigation on the use of metal shear panels for seismic upgrading of RC frames 
    G. De Matteis, A. Formisano & F.M. Mazzolani

    Seismic response assessment of a real masonry-infilled RC building: Analytical modelling 
    G. Della Corte, L. Fiorino & F.M. Mazzolani
    Alterations and decay in twentieth-century architecture: A lexicon proposal 
    C. di Biase & F. Albani

    Performance-based seismic retrofitting of irregular RC building structures 
    M. Ferraioli, A.M. Avossa & A. Mandara

    Critical analysis of seismic vulnerability assessment methodologies for RC structures 
    A. Formisano & F.M. Mazzolani

    The airplane crashatthe “Pirelli” tall building 
    A. Franchi, A. Migliacci, M. Acito & P. Crespi

    Seismic up-grading of r.c. structures with innovative bracing systems 
    A. Mandara, F. Ramundo & G. Spina

    Adhesives in strengthening of steel structures 
    H. Pasternak, G. Kubieniec & M. Piekarczyk

    Open issues for the conservation of land-mark modern architecture: The case study of Torre Velasca 
    P. Ronca, A. Franchi & A. Migliacci

    Study on seismic upgrade of 5 storey reinforced concrete building by Tuned Mass Damper 
    E. Tulei, D. Cretu & D. Lungu

    The use of FRP in the structural restoration

    Stressed state of a defected reinforced concrete beam strengthened with advanced CFRP system 
    E. Abdulahad & D. Panichkov

    Debonding of C-FRCM composite on masonry support 
    I. Carbone & G. de Felice

    Innovation on advanced composite materials for strengthening and blast protection of historical masonry structures 
    P. Casadei & E. Agneloni

    FRP technology applied to historical buildings: Static and seismic improvement – The case of Mozzi-Bardini Palace in Florence 
    F. Facchinetti, A. Di Tommaso, G. Giacomin, M. Tataseo & M. Sartorel

    Seismic performance of masonry structures strengthened with fiber composites 
    M. Ferraioli, A.M. Avossa & P. Famigliuolo

    Reconversion of a damaged industrial building using FRP 
    M. Mosoarca &V. Gioncu

    Numerical analysis and experimental comparison on CFRP reinforced masonry walls subjected to transverse loads 
    L. La Mendola, G. Amato, V. Licata & M. Accardi

    Numerical analysis of the large scale model of Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Skopje strengthened with FRP 
    R. Landolfo, O. Mammana, F. Portioli & F.M. Mazzolani

    The seismic protection of Umberto I Gallery in Naples with FRPs 
    R. Landolfo, F. Portioli, M. Parrilli & M. D’Aniello

    Proposed design rules for iron columns reinforced by FRP 
    L .Ly, J.F. Demonceau, J.P. Jaspart & R. Landolfo

    Structural health monitoring of GFRP reinforced beam at Veteran Affairs Brookside Cemetery 
    E.R. Murison, D. Sidhu, A.A. Mufti & D. Stephenson

    Management and economic analysis of an experimental study for strengthening and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete frame with CFRP 
    F. Rangelova, E. Abdulahad & D. Panichkov

    Composite reinforcements with inorganic matrices – Part I: Masonry walls with composite reinforcement in the mortar plasters 
    A. Viskovic & F. Fumagalli

    Composite reinforcements with inorganic matrices – Part II: Structural behaviour of walls top reinforced masonry with composite reinforcement in the mortar horizontal joints 
    A. Viskovic, F. Fumagalli & A. Cingoli

    Passive control systems for protection of historical buildings

    Design of multi-stiffened pure aluminium shear panels for passive control devices 
    G. Brando, G. De Matteis & F.M. Mazzolani

    Fluid spring dampers for the seismic protection of the Cathedral of Siena 
    M.G. Castellano, G. Tosti, G.P. Bolletti & M. Tosti

    The proposed isolation system for the Iran Bastan Museum 
    P. Clemente, A. Santini & M. Ghafory-Ashtiany

    Design and placing of an innovative 3D-Isolation system under the Herculaneum Roman ship 
    M. Indirli, C. Nunziata, F. Romanelli, F. Vaccari & G.F. Panza

    An analytical hysteresis model to predict the small shear strain behavior of high-damping rubber isolation bearings 
    M. Kikuchi, K. Morihiro & I.D. Aiken

    Application of smart control systems for the seismic protection of existing buildings 
    A. Mandara, F. Ramundo & G. Spina

    Numerical simulation of the dynamic and earthquake behaviour of Greek post-Byzantine churches with and without base isolation 
    G.C. Manos, V. Soulis, N. Karamitsios & O. Felekidou

    The use of energy dissipation systems in the seismic upgrading of historical long-bay masonry buildings 
    F.M. Mazzolani & A. Mandara

    Structural concept on retrofitting by base isolation and analysis of the Iasi City Hall historical building in Romania 
    M.G. Melkumyan & E.L. Gevorgyan

    Behaviour of “DC90 System” damper in low cycle fatigue 
    Z. Petrašković´

    Recent developments in the protection of museum collections from earthquake damage at the J. Paul Getty Museum 
    J.C. Podany

    Semi-active structural control for protection of historical buildings 
    S. Radeva

    Experimental campaign on Shape Memory Alloys materials and devices in support of innovative system concepts and designs for the seismic protection of cultural heritage 
    V. Renda, D. Tirelli, F. Molina & G. Magonette

    Passive control systems for protection of cultural heritage objects 
    P. Roussis & E.A. Pavlou

    Retrofitting of Byzantine church using passive base control system 
    V.I. Sendova, Z. Rakicevic, P. Gavrilovic & D. Jurukovski

    A simple approach for the seismic retrofit of buildings with staggered friction dampers 
    L. Tirca

    THK: CLB Crossed Linear Bearing seismic isolators 
    R. Toniolo

    Rehabilitation of medinas

    Damage assessment of the historical houses of the old Medina of Algiers 
    M. Chemrouk, Z. Derradj & F. Bouzid

    Seismic vulnerability analysis, simulations and modeling of a foundouq in the Medina of Salé 
    A. El Hammoumi, K. Gueraoui, M. Cherraja, M. Kerroum, A. Iben Brahim, A. El Mouraouah, M. Kasmi, A. Birouk, E. Toto, M. Hafid & K. El Harrouni

    Protection of historical buildings by re-discovering and re-evaluating local seismic cultures 
    K. El Harrouni

    Structural rehabilitation of the Foundouq Boualam masonry building, by strengthening the infrastructure 
    V. Stoian, S.C. Florut, A. El Hammoumi & A. Iben Brahim


    Monitoring and diagnosis

    Dynamic investigations on medieval masonry towers: Vibration measurement and structural identification 
    D. Abbruzzese, L. Miccoli, A. Vari, M. Ferraioli, A. Mandara & S. Froncillo

    Hospital buildings analysis under ambient noise after the Boumerdes-Algiers 2003 earthquake 
    Y. Ait Meziane, E. Djakab & D. Benouar

    Integrated control in monitoring historic buildings: The case of wall structures of Palazzo Ducale in Venice 
    D. Andreozzi, A. Barbieri, G. Boscato, A. Dei Svaldi, F. Guerra, A. Di Tommaso, L. Lazzarini, G. Mirabella-Roberti, F. Peron, G. Riva, S. Russo, L. Scappin, F. Sciarretta & B. Zan

    Combined non-destructive techniques to assess the structural safety of a medieval tower 
    L. Binda, P. Condoleo, A. Saisi, P. Taranto & L. Zanzi

    Comparisons among non-destructive and micro-destructive testing in situ tests in historic masonry structures: First results and reliability 
    G. Boscato, S. Russo, F. Sciarretta &V. Vanzo

    The Lateran Obelisk: Experimental analysis and modelling 
    G. Buffarini, P. Clemente, A. Paciello & D. Rinaldis

    X-ray computed tomography for damage assessment of cultural heritage assets 
    F. Casali, M.P. Morigi, R. Brancaccio, L. Montefusco, I. Jerjen, A. Flisch, U. Sennhauser, I. Liritzis & I. Tiseanu

    Damage assessment: Geo-electrical techniques as a NDT for masonry 
    R. Keersmaekers, D. Van Gemert & L. Schueremans

    System for the ultra-short-term warning of an occurred earthquake 
    K.V. Kislov & V. V. Gravirov

    Damage assessment of Monte di Pietà in Naples, Italy: Preliminary analyses and detailed surveys 
    G.P. Lignola, G. Manfredi, B. Faggiano, F.N. Giampietro & T.R. Gatto

    Combined non-destructive tests method for the diagnosis of existing wooden structures 
    M.R. Migliore & F. Ramundo

    Assessment of timber biodeterioration using FT-IR spectroscopy 
    N.E. Montaruli, J.W.G. van de Kuilen, W. F. Gard, E. Conti & R.G.J. Weersink

    Non-destructive tests and numerical modeling of an industrial masonry chimney 
    F.J. Pallares, S. Ivorra, M. Betti & J.M. Adam

    Moisture transfer in building materials 
    J. Skramlik & M. Novotny

    The growth of the microbial strains on the redevelopment plasters 
    M. Zapletalová & R. Wasserbauer
    Study cases

    Environmental impact assessment for the re-erection of the Roma Stela in the North Stelae Park of Aksum (Ethiopia) 
    G. Delmonaco, C. Margottini, L. Orlando & D. Spizzichino
    Exposure and vulnerability of cultural heritage affected by geomorphological hazard: The Machu Picchu case study 
    G. Delmonaco, C. Margottini, D. Spizzichino & L. Falconi

    Geomorphological and geotechnical analysis as primary measures for the conservation of Buddha niches and cliff in Bamyian (Central Afghanistan) 
    G. Delmonaco, C. Margottini & D. Spizzichino

    Refurbishment of historical buildings by using steel and aluminium: The case study of the municipal library of Limassol, Cyprus 
    Ch.O. Efstathiades, C.C. Baniotopolous, E. Efthymiou & A. Charalampous

    Structural intervention design for the façade of Monte di Pietà in Naples, Italy 
    B. Faggiano, M. Esposto, G.P. Lignola, G. Manfredi & G. Castaldi

    Conservation, revitalization, structural consolidation and seismic strengthening of the Great Hammam in Prishtina, Kosovo 
    S. Gafuri, A. Beqiraj, M. Bardaj & P. Gavrilovic

    Environmental effects on cultural heritage: Shahdara complex, Lahore 
    S. Gulzar & M. Nawaz Chaudry

    Dynamic investigations and strengthening on masonry bell tower 
    S.S. Kouris & M. Karaveziroglou-Weber

    The Zsolnay heritage 
    O. Kovacs

    Seismic retro-fitting of the Captain Palace in Mantova 
    A. Lodigiani

    Archeological area of “Fori Imperiali” in Rome: The museum of “Mercati Traianei” 
    G. Matacena, A. Gravagnuolo, A.A. Osnato, F.M. Mazzolani & S.M. Mazzolani

    Rehabilitation of the Medici’s Foundry in Follonica, Italy 
    G. Matacena, A. Gravagnuolo & F.M. Mazzolani

    The restoration of the north façade of the temple of Apollo Epikourios 
    K. Papadopoulos

    Retrofit of the “Saint Andrea” masonry bell tower in Venice 
    G. Russo, O. Bergamo & L. Damiani

    Restoration project of “Beit Hillel Synagogue” Izmir 
    M. Tanac Zeren & O. Yilmaz  Karaman

    Technical assessment and strengthening of an architectural and historical monument building in Romania – a case study 
    1. Vlad & M.N. Vlad

    Foundation reinforcement of historical Ala building 
    K. ZandParsa

    Volume 2

    Innovative materials and techniques

    Pure aluminium, as innovative material for seismic protection devices 
    G. De Matteis, G. Brando & F.M. Mazzolani

    Performance based seismic evaluation of a non-seismic masonry building of metal sheathed walls – Part I: PBSE and intervention strategy 
    A. Dogariu & D. Dubina

    Performance based seismic evaluation of a non-seismic masonry building of metal sheathed walls – Part II: Study case 
    A. Dogariu & D. Dubina

    Experimental assessment of the CAM and DIS-CAM systems for the seismic upgrading of monumental masonry buildings 
    M. Dolce, F.C. Ponzo, M. Di Croce, C. Moroni, F. Giordano, D. Nigro & R. Marnetto

    Material innovation for historic structure repairs 
    S. Hamoush & S. Amer

    Polymer flexible joints – An innovative repair system protecting cracked masonries against stress concentrations 
    A. Kwiecien

    Influence of control algorithm in smart systems for the seismic up-grading of existing buildings 
    A. Mandara, F. Ramundo & G. Spina

    Performance levels under seismic actions of masonry structures retrofitted with steel elements 
    A. Mandara, F. Ramundo & G. Spina

    Designing the guidelines for the usage of “smart materials” on the conservation of historical buildings 
    V. Nushi, Sh. Nixha & Gj. Hoxha

    Hybrid intelligent system for optimal design of HPC mix proportion 
    R. Parichatprecha, P. Nimityongskul, S. Sayamipuk & V. Greepala

    Innovative technologies for the seismic protection of cultural heritage in Cyprus 
    P. Roussis, E.A. Pavlou & C.Z. Chrysostomou

    Effectiveness of surface or bulk hydrophobic treatments in cementitious materials 
    F. Tittarelli & G. Moriconi

    Historic buildings speak to our past through the art and ingenuity of our ancestors 
    M. Uddin, A. Mufti, D. Polyzois, N. Shrive, L. Jaeger, D. Stephenson, D. Duchesne & J. Paquette

    Innovative technologies for strengthening of an irregular R.C. building 
    I. Vayas & M. Papageorgiou

    Nonlinear FE analysis of fiber reinforced concrete floor diaphragms undergoing horizontal seismic actions 
    C. Zanotti, A. Marini & G.A. Plizzari

    Numerical analysis

    Limit analysis of masonry domes subjected to horizontal loads 
    C. Anselmi, E. De Rosa, F. Galizia & D. Maniello

    Limit analysis for masonry walls discretized in staggered rigid macro-blocks subjected to out-of-plane loading 
    C. Anselmi, E. De Rosa & F. Galizia

    Numerical analyses of masonry-RC combined systems 
    N. Augenti & F. Parisi

    The acoustic model of the Greek theatre
    B. Beckers & N. Borgia

    Horizontal capacity of masonry portal frames under different loading conditions 
    G. Brandonisio, A. De Luca & E. Mele

    Numerical investigation of the seismic response of Parthenon, Greece 
    M.E. Dasiou, I.N. Pshycharis & I. Vayas

    Experimentally based calibration of a FE Model for numerical analysis of masonry shear panels strengthened by metal sheathing
    A. Dogariu, D. Dubina, F. Campitiello & G. De Matteis

    Calibration of a numerical model for masonry with application to experimental results 
    E. Dumova-Jovanoska & S. Churilov

    Comparative assessment of analysis methods for irregular masonry walls 
    A. Formisano & F.M. Mazzolani

    Ultimate limit state of masonry historical buildings using collapse mechanism methodology: Application for Orthodox churches 
    V. Gioncu & M. Mosoarca

    On finite element modeling of structures under infrequent loadings
    L. Kwasniewski

    Numerical vs. experimental analyses of Mustafa Pasha Mosque model 
    L. Lazarov & K. Todorov

    Numerical F.E.M. refined analyses of the façade of Monte di Pietà in Naples, Italy: Analysis of the damage evolution 
    G.P. Lignola, G. Manfredi & B. Faggiano

    Out of plane behaviour of unreinforced masonry walls 
    M. Monaco & M. Guadagnuolo

    Parametric studies using tools for the analysis of the stability of masonry structures 
    A. Oikonomopolou, T. Ciblac & F. Guéna

    Strengthening of masonry using metal reinforcement: A parametric numerical investigation 
    M.E. Stavroulaki, G. Bartoli, M. Betti & G.E. Stavrolakis

    Seismic response of traditional masonry buildings: Parametric study and evaluation 
    S.P. Tastani, M. Papadopoulos & S.J. Pantazopoulou

    Fracture analysis of retrofitted monuments out of no proper stress distribution at earthquake time 
    H.R. Vosoughifar & V. Davari

    Traditional restoration techniques

    Dynamic investigations on medieval masonry towers: Seismic resistance and strengthening techniques 
    D. Abbruzzese, L. Miccoli, A. Vari, M. Ferraioli, A. Mandara & S. Froncillo

    Complete substitution of external walls for traditional restoration of an historic masonry building 
    G. Brandonisio, A. De Luca, A. De Martino & G. Mautone

    Restoration of an historic kulliye in Turkey: Traditional techniques, steel interventions and sustainability approach 
    Ö.N. Cöcen & E. Efthymiou

    Experimental analysis of riveted connection in historic metalic structures 
    M. D’Aniello, L. Fiorino, F. Portioli & R. Landolfo

    “Gadhi Soil” in Maharashtra – traditional practices and future use of compacted Gadhi Soil blocks in rural housing 
    V.G. Kondekar, O.R. Jaiswal & L.M. Gupta

    Deterioration and repair possibilities of natural stone facades 
    J. Lahdensivu

    Natural pozzolanic mortars: Ancient indication for modern working capacity
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    Intervention strategies

    The role of the in-plane stiffness of timber floors in the seismic response of un-reinforced masonry buildings 
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    Seismic assessment and rehabilitation of a historical theatre based on a macro-element strategy 
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    Verification of numerical models used for the analysis of ancient temples 
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    Strengthening of building by modification of structural system 
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    Potential of anhydrite application in restoration of the civil engineering heritage of Serbia 
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    The effectiveness of strengthening historic brick vaults by contemporary methods 
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    Assessing the rocking response of unreinforced masonry frames in historical New Zealand structures 
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    Refurbishment of Palazzo Novo of the Bibliotheca Hertziana in Rome 
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    Socio-cultural challenges of preserving historical heritage in Africa: Lessons from the King’s palace, Akure 
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    From the idea of invention through its testing to final realization all over four continents 
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    Strengthening of masonry and earthen structures by means of grouting – design of grouts 
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    The pull-out problem in restoring marble fragments 
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    Structural evaluation and maintenance programs of historical buildings used as museums in Toluca city 
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    Structural restoration of damaged XVIII century building: The military barracks ‘Caserma Principe Amedeo’ in Nola, Italy 
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    Vulnerability to man-made hazards

    A brief review on building fire safety in the Qing Dynasty 
    W.K. Chow & F.Y. Liu
    Computational fluid dynamic analysis of water mist system performance for fire safety of a nineteenth century cast-iron structured building 
    J. de la Quintana

    Improvement of fire resistance of cast-iron columns 
    M. Degefa, F. Wald, J. Kolísko & M. Matějka

    Protection of historic urban structures during adjacent construction 
    E. Hammarberg, K. Kesner & D. Trelstad

    Protection of historical buildings from rail traffic vibrations 
    S. Lakusic, V. Tkalcevic Lakusic & M. Bogut

    About man-made hazards for cultural monuments in Sofia region (Bulgaria) 
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    Drilling-induced vibrations in rock church “Our Lady” – Ivanovo, Russe, NE Bulgaria 
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    Residual strength of traditional brick masonry subjected to high temperatures 
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    Reconstruction and seismic strengthening of St. Athanasius church damaged by explosion 
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    Vulnerability to natural hazards

    Assessment of the structural capacity of the tunnel-entrance in the stadium of Ancient Nemea 
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    Earthquake hazard and risk in Romania 
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    Seismic vulnerability assessment of historical masonry buildings 
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    Expert system for seismic vulnerability assessment of masonry structures 
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    Low-impact interventions for the preservation of cultural heritage: The dying town of Civita di Bagnoregio (Central Italy) and the killer landslide 
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    Cultural heritage buildings and earthquakes in Switzerland 
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    Performance evaluation of historical masonry monumental structures during the 1999 Turkey earthquakes 
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    Model of urban composition: Integration of area refuge against the seismic risk 
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    Vulnerability of a historical masonry building in the Vesuvius area 
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    Seismic fragility analysis of a reinforced concrete building under different natural ground motions 
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    Seismic risk of existing buildings: A multidisciplinary method 
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    Seismic vulnerability of earth buildings in seismic areas. A case study in Bucaramanga city (Colombia) 
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    Analysis of the church transverse-arch rocking induced by the earthquake 
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    Seismological hazards to cultural monuments in Bulgaria 
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    The catastrophic scenario in explosive volcanic eruptions in urban areas 
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    Scenario based assessment of seismic hazard: A must for the effective protection of historical buildings 
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    Vulnerability and preservation of historical and monumental structures 
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    Vulnerability analysis of two centennial buildings that survived undamaged the two large Valparaiso earthquakes of 1906 and 1985 
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    Strong ground motion prediction of future large earthquake to preserve historic building, Bazar, in Tabriz, Islamic Republic of Iran 
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    Neo-deterministic seismic hazard scenarios: Application to the engineering analysis of historical buildings 
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    Experimental analyses

    Investigation of the shear bond properties between hydraulic grouts and masonry units 
    C.-E. Adami & E. Vintzileou

    Minimum requirements to test properties of equivalent materials for building large-scale model 
    T. Arangelovski, K. Gramatikov, J. Josifovski & M. Jovanovski

    Mechanical characterization of tuff masonry 
    N. Augenti & F. Parisi

    Testing of timber frames retroffitted with steel shear panels 
    A. Bozer & G. Altay

    Structural behaviour of masonry spandrels: Experimental evaluation and reinforcing 
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    Dynamic assessment of ancient masonry vaults: Experimental tests and numerical modelling 
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    Mechanical and fluid transfer properties of some lime and Portland cement mortars 
    K. Cosgrove & S. Pavía

    Compressive, flexural and bond strength of brick/lime mortar masonry 
    A. Costigan & S. Pavía

    Experimental investigation of the seismic response of parts of ancient temples 
    M.E. Dasiou, H.P. Mouzakis, I.N. Psycharis, C. Papantonopoulos & I. Vayas
    Seismic response assessment of a real masonry-infilled RC building: Experimental tests 
    G. Della Corte, L. Fiorino & F.M. Mazzolani

    Analysis of “Gadhi Soil” using XRD and electrical characterization 
    V.G. Kondekar, P.R. Gandhi & K.V. Kondekar

    Shaking table test of Mustafa Pasha Mosque model in reduced scale 
    L. Krstevska, Lj. Tashkov, K. Gramatikov, F.M. Mazzolani & R. Landolfo

    Experimental and numerical investigation of the sliding response for drums located at columns of ancient greek temples 
    G.C. Manos, M. Demosthenous, E. Tsakmakides &V. Kourtides

    Ultimate behaviour of reinforced concrete columns strengthened with angles and battens: Prediction of moment-rotation curves 
    R. Montuori & V. Piluso

    Experimental assessment on shear strengthening of clay brick masonry walls using different techniques 
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    Analysis of architrave connection 
    L. Pavlovčič, F. Sinur & D. Beg

    Material investigation of Unito limestone 
    L. Pavlovčič & D. Beg

    Experimental analysis of DC90 energy absorber device 
    P. Skuber & D. Beg

    Experimental determination of E and G values for stone masonry walls 
    M.M. Sorour, N.G. Shrive, G.A. Parsekian, D. Duchesne, J. Paquette, A. Mufti & L. Jaeger

    Shake-table test of a model of Fossanova church in reduced scale 
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    Shake-table test of the model of St. Nicholas church in reduced scale 1/3.5 
    Lj. Tashkov, L. Krstevska, K. Gramatikov & F.M. Mazzolani

    Investigating the fracture behavior of Dionysos marble: An experimental study 
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    Experimental comparison between the jointed jacket and fibercomposite improvement of the poor stones masonry 
    P. Ventura & S. Salvini

    Material element tests as the first step of seismic retrofit ofTabriz Bazaar in Iran 
    K.Yamaguchi, A. Sadeghi, A. Fallahi & M. Miyajima

    Investigation into nanoclay enhanced coatings for brick moisture reduction and salt formation prevention 
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    Reversible mixed techniques

    Strategies against solifluxion damage in historical buildings 
    M. Candela & R. Fonti

    Combining numerical methods with experimental data toward the structural rehabilitation assessment of ancient masonry landmarks 
    S. Casciati & R. Al-Saleh

     Seismic protection of reinforced concrete buildings by means of “all-steel” buckling-restrained braces 
    M. D’Aniello, G. Della Corte & F.M. Mazzolani

    Performance based evaluation of a RC frame strengthened with BRB steel braces 
    D. Dubina, S. Bordea & A. Stratan

    New strengthening approach of Mustafa Pasha Mosque to seismic loads 
    L. Lazarov & K. Todorov

    Aesthetic research and “mixed” techniques in the eighteenth-century restoration work of Mario Gioffredo 
    V. Russo

    Experimental and numerical analysis of a XIX–century tuff masonry bridge 
    M. D’Aniello, G. Della Corte & F.M. Mazzolani

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