1st Edition

PsychMapping in Sport, Exercise, and Performance An Applied Approach

By Alexander T Latinjak Copyright 2025
    336 Pages 59 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    336 Pages 59 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Understanding why we act the way we do is key to fostering success. This book introduces PsychMapping, a unique model that visually and philosophically guides readers through the complexities of human behaviour. The holistic approach reveals how different psychological aspects interact and influence each other.


    The chapters follows the logic of the PsychMapping model, a map of all the key aspects in sport, exercise, and performance psychology. Each chapter is an opportunity for self-reflection and a perfect introduction for anyone interested in exploring the psychological aspects of human behaviour. Packed with practical experiences and real-world case studies, the book applies theories to life, making complex concepts accessible and actionable. A standout feature for professionals is the detailed self-reflection exercise, designed to enhance applied practice.


    PsychMapping in Sport, Exercise and Performance is enriching for students, practitioners, and anyone eager to explore the psychological aspects of human behaviour.

    Section 1: The PsychMapping Perspective

    1. PsychMapping and Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

    Section 2: What Are People Made Of

    2. Descriptive Traits – Who the heck are you?

    3. Descriptive States – What on earth is the matter with you today?

    4. The Relation Between Descriptive States and Traits – That experience totally changed me!

    5. The Externalized Self: Behaviour, Performance, and Environmental Interaction

    Case 1: Self-reflexion Exercises to Understand Clients’ Identity and Experiences

    Section 3: All That What Surrounds People

    6. External Factors – There is always something or someone to blame!

    7. Interpersonal PsychMapping Model – From Individual Focus to Collective Insight

    Case 2: A Team Mapping Analysis Based on the Interpersonal PsychMapping Model

    Section 4: The Major Processes That Shape Us

    8. External Perception – It’s not you, it’s me

    9. Self-regulation – Get your act together!

    Case 3: Building Self-Knowledge, Improving Self-Regulation

    Section 5: Applied Practice

    10. Indirect Interventions – You might never know what I have done for you

    11. Working with Individuals – So much more than interventions

    Section 6: The Basic PsychMapping Exercise

    12. The PsychMapping Exercise – Not really an interview guide

    13. The PsychMapping Exercise Construction Manual

    14. Analysis – Don’t take this the wrong way



    Alexander T. Latinjak is an Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Suffolk, UK and the founder of the PsychMapping movement. A prominent figure in the scientific community, he publishes regularly in leading specialist journals and serves on the editorial boards of various academic publications. With over 20 years of applied experience, Alexander has worked extensively in talent development and elite-level environments, bringing practical insights to his research and teaching.