346 Pages 90 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The most practical guide currently available for psychiatrists, obstetricians, and primary health care providers in the management of psychiatric illness in pregnancy, this unique text provides a modern and fully up-to-date review of the clinical literature relative to clinical management in the field.

    Short Contents

    1. Introduction: mental illness in pregnancy

    Veronica O’Keane, Trudi Seneviratne & Michael Marsh (London, UK)

    2. Screening for mental illness in pregnancy

    Margaret Oates & Roch Cantwell (Glasgow, UK)

    3. The effects of parental mental illness on children

    Alan Gregoire and Sue Paulby (Southampton, UK)

    4. The mentally ill mother and parenting of infants

    Trudi Seneviratne (London, UK)

    5. Infanticide and child abuse

    Meg Spinelli (USA)

    6. Management of affective disorders in pregnancy and the puerperium

    Veronica O’Keane (London, UK)

    7. Management of psychosis (schizophrenia and mania) in pregnancy and the puerperium

    Angelica Wieck (London, UK)

    8. Management of eating disorders in pregnancy and the puerperium

    Ulrike Schmidt and Nadia Micali (London, UK)

    9. Management of personality disorders in pregnancy and the puerperium

    Sue Conroy and Paul Moran (London, UK)

    10. Post traumatic stress disorder and childbirth

    Klaas Wijma (Linköping, Sweden)

    11. Substance abuse in pregnancy

    Jane Marshall (London, UK)

    12. Breastfeeding and drug treatment

    Thomas Hale (Texas Tech, USA)

    13. The place of psychological therapies in the peri-natal period

    Anne Ward (London, UK)

    14. Models of health care in the management of women with psychiatric disorders in pregnancy

    Louise Howard (London, UK)

    15. The effect of mental illness on obstetric and neonatal outcome

    Michael Marsh (London, UK)

    16. The effects of termination of pregnancy, stillbirth and congenital abnormality on

    mental health

    Ellie Lee (UK)

    17. Ethical and legal aspects of perinatal psychiatry and obstetric interventions in

    women with mental illness

    Peter Haughton and Roz Ramsey(London, UK)

    18. Mental illness and pregnancy from a transcultural perspective

    Neelam Sosodia and John Cox (London, UK)


    Veronica O'Keane, Trudi Seneviratne, Michael S. Marsh

    "This is a welcome addition to the literature in an only recently appreciated field. It serves as a comprehensive resource to be used with clinical judgment for recognizing and managing pregnant patients with mental illness. It also provides a review of critical areas needing additional research in the mental healthcare of women."

    Marie A Dewitt, Doody's Reviews, 2006