1st Edition

Psychoanalysis, Gender, and Sexualities From Feminism to Trans*

Edited By Patricia Gherovici, Manya Steinkoler Copyright 2023
    354 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    354 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Transcending the sex and gender dichotomy, rethinking sexual difference, transgenerational trauma, the decolonization of gender, non-Western identity politics, trans*/feminist debates, embodiment, and queer trans* psychoanalysis, these specially commissioned essays renew our understanding of conventionally held notions of sexual difference.

    Looking at the intersections between psychoanalysis, feminism, and transgender discourses, these essays think beyond the normative, bi-gender, Oedipal, and phallic premises of classical psychoanalysis while offering new perspectives on gender, sexuality, and sexual difference. From Freud to Lacan, Kristeva, and Laplanche, from misogyny to the #MeToo movement, this collection brings a timely corrective that historicizes our moment and opens up creative debate.

    Written for professionals, scholars, and students alike, this book will also appeal to psychoanalysts, psychologists, and anyone in the fields of literature, film and media studies, gender studies, cultural studies, and social work who wishes to grapple with the theoretical challenges posed by gender, identity, sexual embodiment, and gender politics.


    Part 1: The Genealogy of Sex and Gender 

    1. 'Freud's Ménage à quatre' 

    Tim Dean

    2. 'Glôssa and "Counter-Will": The Perverse Tongue of Psychoanalysis' 

    Elissa Marder

    3. 'The Gender Question from Freud to Lacan'

    Darian Leader

    4. 'Two Analysts Ask, "What is Genitality? Ferenczi's Thalassa and Lacan's Lamella"' 

    Jamieson Webster and Marcus Coelen

    5. 'Undoing the Interpellation of Gender and the Ideologies of Sex' 

    Genevieve Morel

    Part 2: Queering Psychoanalysis: Fantasy, Anthropology and Libidinal Economy 

    6. 'The Role of Phantasy in Representations and Practices of Homosexuality: Colm Tóibín’s The Blackwater Lightship and Edmund White's Our Young Man

    Eve Watson

    7. 'Oscar Wilde: Father and Som'

    Ray O'Neill

    8. 'Does the Anthropology of Kinship Talk about Sex?' 

    Monique David-Ménard

    9. 'From Fundamentalism to Forgiveness: Sex/Gender Beyond Determinism or Volunteerism'

    Kelly Oliver

    10. 'Sexual (In)difference in Late Capitalism: "Freeing Us from Sex"' 

    Juliet Flower MacCannell

    Part 3: Being and Becoming TRANS-* 

    11. 'Tiresias and the Other Sexual Difference: Jacques Lacan and Bracha L. Ettinger' 

    Sheila L. Cavanagh

    12. 'In-Difference: Feminisim and Transgender in the Field of Fantasy' 

    Oren Gozlan

    13. 'Translation, Geschlecht and Thinking Across: On the Theory of Trans-' 

    Ranjana Khanna

    14. 'Scenes of Self-Conduct in Contemporary Iran: Transnational Subjectivities Knitted On Site'

    Dina Al-Kassim

    15. 'Lacanistas in the Stalls: Urinary Segregation, Transgendered Abjection, and the Queerly Ambulant Dead' 

    Calvin Thomas

    16. Dany Nobus, 'Becoming Being: Chance, Choice and the Troubles of Trans*cursivity' 

    Dany Nobus

    17. 'Just Kidding: Valeria Solana's SCUM and Andrea Long Chu's Females

    Elena Comay del Junco

    18. 'Transgender Quarrels and the Unspeakable Whiteness of Psychoanalysis'

    Yannik Thiem


    Patricia Gherovici is a psychoanalyst and analytic supervisor. She is a multiple award-winning author who has authored or edited six books, including Please Select Your Gender (2010) and Transgender Psychoanalysis (2017).

    Manya Steinkoler is a psychoanalyst and professor of English BMCC, CUNY. She has co-edited with Jessica Datema, Revisioning War Trauma in Cinema (2019), with Vanessa Sinclair, On Violence and Psychoanalysis (2019), with Patricia Gherovici, Lacan, Psychoanalysis and Comedy (2016), and Madness Yes You Can’t: Lacan on Madness (2015).

    'A broad and important collection of essays on feminist psychoanalysis, bringing together the authoritative major figures in the field with provocative work by emerging scholars and analysts. Proof, if it were needed, of the vitality of feminist psychoanalytic study, which appears more necessary, as well as richer, than ever.'

    Grace Lavery, University of California, Berkeley

    'One of the fundamental discoveries of psychoanalysis was that sexuality is not simply about intimacy, but is ridden by the social. Social relations are very much at work in sexuality, which is why shifts in social relations often play out on the ground of sexuality, as questions of sexuality and its vicissitudes. Contemporary debates are striking evidence of this connection, and this collection of essays captures, reiterates and reflects on it most impressively.'

    Alenka Zupančič, Institute of Philosophy at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and the Arts