1st Edition

Psychoanalysis and Women Contemporary Reappraisals

Edited By Judith L. Alpert Copyright 1986
    340 Pages
    by Routledge

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    Within the psychoanalytic framework, there is a growing body of research and thinking about female development.  In addition, there is ongoing research within other areas of psychology, such as developmental psychology and social psychology, which has important implications for an understanding of women's adult development.  Often these research findings are not readily available to the analytic community, nor has much of the research been incorporated into a psychoanalytic framework.

    Psychoanalysis and Women broadens analytic thinking by integrating contemporary literature from psychoanalysis with that of other areas, both within and outside psychology, which has implications for the undertanding of women's development.  This literature is conceptualized within a psychoanalytic framework.  A basic premise underlying this book is that psychoanalysis needs continuing review and revision in terms of what women and men are about and a continuing focus on whether and how unfounded biases prevent analysts from understanding patients.  The present volume considers how sexism and feminism are affecting psychoanalysis and exemplifies how the emerging field of psychoanalysis of women and the issues its existence raises should be conceptualized.  It also exemplifies some of the positive contributions that a feminist outlook gives to the study of human behavior and should esxpand the range of hypotheses that we have about people.   

    Foreword - Esther Menaker
    Introduction - Judith L. Alpert
    I. Overview
    1. Women's Development in Analytic theory: Six Decades of Controversy - Zenio Odes Fleigel
    2. The Gendered Self: A :Lost Maternal Legacy - Susan Spieler
    3. Some Notes on the Development of Female Gender Role Identity - Adria E.Schwartz
    II. Freudian Theory and Beyond
    4. Morality, Gender, and Analysis - Julidth L. Alpert and Jody Boghossian Spencer
    5. The Alienation of Desire: Women's Masochism and Ideal Love - Jessica Benjamin
    6. Learning the Lines: Women's Aging and Self-Esteem - Ruth Formanek
    III. Female Patient
    7. Professional Success:  A Conflict for W omen - Ruth Moulton
    8. Autonomy: A Conflict for Women - Dorothy Litwin
    9. Lesbian Choice: Transferences to Theory - Ruth-Jean Eisenbud
    IV. Female Analyst
    10. The "Impossible Profession" Considered from a Gender Perspective - Zeborah Schachtel
    11. Developing a New Narrative: The Woman Therapist and The Male Patient - Lisa K. Gornick
    12. The Pregnant Therapist: Transference and Countertransference  Issues - Linda S. Penn
    Epilogue - Judith L. Alpert


    Judith L. Alpert

    "Psychoanalysis and Women consists of 12 original essays with topics ranging from women's development in analytic theory to discussions of the gendered self, masochism, aging, professionalism, autonomy, lesbianism, and transference and countertransference as applied to the special gendered self of women.  The book not only is enjoyable to read but should be carefulle studied."

    - Leslie Lothstein, American Journal of Psychiatry

    "This book achieves a full integration of psychoanalytic insights and covers a full range of developmental issues.  By doing so, it sheds light on gender dynamics in life for both men and women and is appropriate reading for anyone looking for fresh and original understanding."

    - Joan Offerman, Readings

    "I have hight praise for the anthology.  It should be required reading in all those institutes and postgraduate schools that train analysts.  It is hoped that practicing analysts also will add this book to their professional libraries....In a word, this book is a gender expose that will change what we think about both men and women and their struggles in relationships."

    - Robert Seidenberg, Psychoanalytic Psychology