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Psychoanalysis and Women Series

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The Women and Psychoanalysis Book Series grew from the work of the International Psychoanalytical Association Committee on Women and Psychoanalysis (COWAP). Publications further the conversations on women, sexuality, gender, men, and psychoanalysis, and intersections with diversity and cross-cultural experience. We value written exchanges between psychoanalysis and related disciplines of gender studies, anthropology, sociology, politics, philosophy, arts and activism. We encourage contributions from all regions, allowing for global perspectives and different creativities on topics relating to women, gender and sexuality. The series editorial board is comprised of Paula Ellman (Editor-in-Chief, North America), Carolina Bacchi (North America) Sara Boffito (Italy), Lesley Caldwell (UK), Amrita Narayana (India), and Paula Escribens Pareja (Peru).

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Feminine Sensuality

Feminine Sensuality

1st Edition

By Alcira Mariam Alizade
December 31, 1999

This book provides an overview of the events of intimacy, a chronicle of the erogenous events that occur in a woman's body. It discusses the concept of psychoanalysis keeping very close to the body—a body that feels, vibrates, and is repressed, a body that depends on its fellow beings....

Medea Myth and Unconscious Fantasy

Medea: Myth and Unconscious Fantasy

1st Edition

By Esa Roos
July 17, 2015

This book introduces the Euripides' Medea fantasy as an unconscious determinant of psychogenic sterility, a fantasy that forms an unrecognized part of the self-representation. It is addressed to people who are interested in womanhood, its fortunes and misfortunes, creativity and destructiveness....

Homosexualities Psychogenesis, Polymorphism, and Countertransference

Homosexualities: Psychogenesis, Polymorphism, and Countertransference

1st Edition

Edited By Elda Abrevaya, Frances Thomson-Salo
March 29, 2018

This latest volume in the Psychoanalysis and Women Series for the Committee on Women and Psychoanalysis of the International Psychoanalytical Association presents and discusses theoretical and clinical work from a number of authors worldwide. It clearly demonstrates that there is no typical ...

Changing Sexualities and Parental Functions in the Twenty-First Century Changing Sexualities, Changing Parental Functions

Changing Sexualities and Parental Functions in the Twenty-First Century: Changing Sexualities, Changing Parental Functions

1st Edition

By Candida Se Holovko
March 02, 2017

Recent societal changes have challenged long-established concepts in psychoanalysis, including the Oedipus complex, parental functions, and male and female psychosexuality. 'Postmodern families', based on sexual and emotional exchanges independent of gender, now include homoerotic couples who adopt...

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