1st Edition

Psychoanalytic Concepts and Technique in Development Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience and Physics

By Florence Guignard Copyright 2020
    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    262 Pages
    by Routledge

    Psychoanalytic Concepts and Technique in Development offers a clear and thorough overview of contemporary psychoanalytic theory and clinical technique, from a largely post-Freudian, French perspective, but also informed by the work of Klein, Bion and Winnicott. Drawing on the French tradition, Florence Guignard sets out a comprehensive guide to the major drives and concepts in classical psychoanalysis, and how these are understood and employed in contemporary psychoanalytic training and practice, whilst looking ahead to the future of the discipline and drawing upon findings from related fields.

    Guignard explores the premise that the way psychoanalysts conceptualise their theoretical field and technical tools conditions the way their therapeutic discipline is practised. She argues that because their main instrument for healing is their own self, it is of utmost importance to update conceptual tools to think about this. To do so, psychoanalysts can draw on the latest discoveries in related disciplines like neurosciences and physics. Topics covered in this book include

    • a genealogy of the drives,
    • the deconstruction of the Oedipus Complex in our contemporary societies,
    • the role of the psychoanalyst’s infantile part when (s)he is at work,
    • links between sensorial elements and elements of thinking,
    • links between psychoanalysis, the neurosciences and physics.

    Combining significant insights with an accessible style, Psychoanalytic Concepts and Technique in Development will appeal to psychoanalytic psychotherapists and psychoanalysts of all levels.

    FOREWORD by Sparta Castoriadis & Fanny Cohen Herlem

    PREFACE by Anna Ferruta



    CHAPTER ONE Genealogy organisation of the drives

    CHAPTER TWO The birth of psychic life

    CHAPTER THREE The question of splitting

    CHAPTER FOUR An introduction to projective identification

    CHAPTER FIVE Sadomasochism, a conceptual chimera 

    CHAPTER SIX The epistemophilic impulse

    CHAPTER SEVEN From the drives to thought

    CHAPTER EIGHT The contemporary relevance of neurosis

    CHAPTER NINE Oedipus with or without complex 

    CHAPTER TEN The adolescent Oedipus

    CHAPTER ELEVEN The depressive and paranoid-schizoid positions revisited

    CHAPTER TWELVE The concept of the infantile

    CHAPTER THIRTEEN The infantile-in-the-psychoanalyst: blind spots and stopper-interpretations




    Florence Guignard is a Swiss and French psychoanalyst and member of the IPA. She is Past Chair of the IPA COCAP (Committee on Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis) and founded the SEPEA (Société Européenne pour la Psychanalyse de l’Enfant et de l’Adolescent) in 1994.