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Psychoanalytic Political Theory

About the Series

The Psychoanalytic Political Theory series is dedicated to providing a publishing space for the highest quality scholarship at the intersection of psychoanalysis and normative political theory. In sum, the series offers a forum for texts that deepen our understanding of the complex relationships between the world of politics and the inner world of the psyche.

As we hope to broaden, rather than to narrow, the range and reach of this field, the series welcomes contributions from all foci within political theory (classical, contemporary, democratic, etc.). Similarly, the series is not beholden to a particular psychoanalytic orientation, such that projects rooted in a variety of approaches (Lacanian, object relations, self psychology, etc.) are welcome.

We are particularly interested in proposals that demonstrate potential to advance both political and psychoanalytic theory while remaining accessible to scholarly audiences of diverse backgrounds. Although the series is devoted to works of theory, works informed by qualitative analyses, case studies, or related methodologies may also be appropriate.

The series will publish individual and co-authored scholarly monographs, collaborative edited volumes, and texts appropriate for advanced university courses.

To submit book proposals, please contact the Editor, Natalja Mortensen ([email protected]) or the Series Editors, Matthew H. Bowker ([email protected]) and David W. McIvor ([email protected]). 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Psychoanalysis Under Occupation Practicing Resistance in Palestine

Psychoanalysis Under Occupation: Practicing Resistance in Palestine

1st Edition


By Lara Sheehi, Stephen Sheehi
September 01, 2021

Heavily influenced by Frantz Fanon and critically engaging the theories of decoloniality and liberatory psychoanalysis, Lara Sheehi and Stephen Sheehi platform the lives, perspectives, and insights of psychoanalytically-inflected Palestinian psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health ...

Individuality and Ideology in British Object Relations Theory

Individuality and Ideology in British Object Relations Theory

1st Edition


By Gal Gerson
May 10, 2021

Following the work of prominent object relations theorists, such as Fairbairn, Suttie and Winnicott, Gal Gerson explores the correlation between analytical theory and intellectual environment in two ways. He notes the impact that the British object relations school had on both psychology and wider ...

The Lucid Vigil Deconstruction, Desire and the Politics of Critique

The Lucid Vigil: Deconstruction, Desire and the Politics of Critique

1st Edition

By Stella Gaon
February 11, 2019

Stella Gaon provides the first fully philosophical account of the critical nature of deconstruction, and she does so by turning in an original way to psychoanalysis. Drawing on close readings of Freud and Laplanche, Gaon argues that Derridean deconstruction is driven by a normative investment in ...

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