1st Edition

Psycholinguistics Critical Concepts in Psychology

Edited By Gerry Altmann
    3288 Pages
    by Routledge

    These volumes reprint articles from a variety of international journals, book chapters and key technical reports, to take a broad look at how the field has developed from the turn of theTwentieth Century through to the turn of the twenty-first.
    Since the 1960s, there has been a boom in research on how the human mind both produces and comprehends language. Psycholinguistics - as a product of this boom - represents a synthesis between linguistics and psychology.
    The set covers the following topics:
    * Language Acquisition
    * The Mental Lexicon
    * Sentence Processing
    * Discourse and Meaning
    * Spoken Language Production
    * Reading
    * Disorders of Language and Production
    * Computational Models of Language Learning and Adult * Language Use

    Volume I:
    1. From Sounds to Words
    2. Accessing Lexical Representations
    Volume II:
    1. Adult Reading
    2. Sentence Processing
    3. Discourse Processing
    Volume III:
    1. Language Acquisition
    2. Acquisition of Reading Skills
    Volume IV:
    1. Spoken Language Production
    2. The Neurobiology of Normal and Disordered Language