Psychological Assessment with the MMPI-2 / MMPI-2-RF  book cover
3rd Edition

Psychological Assessment with the MMPI-2 / MMPI-2-RF

ISBN 9780415526333
Published October 16, 2014 by Routledge
730 Pages

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Book Description

This third edition apprises users of the MMPI-2/MMPI-2-Restructured Form (RF) for the ever-changing landscape of this dynamic personality/psychopathology instrument and its expanding utility in a variety of contexts. Two new chapters addressing the RC scales and the MMPI-2-RF are included in this updated text. Additionally, over 450 new references have been incorporated into the book, with information gathered and organized for practical clinical and forensic applications. The codetype interpretation chapter has expanded its sections with more in-depth feedback information and treatment considerations for clinicians to help in facilitating the formulation of treatment recommendations and strengthening therapeutic relationships with their clients. A number of special scales with clinical and forensic applications are also covered in this edition. An important section has been added addressing the MMPI and suicide.

This new edition is a must-have resource that will inform and guide users of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF in their daily practices, and assist researchers in conceptualizing the operating characteristics and configural relationships among the various scales and indices that comprise this instrument. From simple single scale interpretation to complex configural relationships, this text addresses a broad bandwidth of interpretive information designed for text users’ at all levels of sophistication.

Table of Contents

Foreword James N. Butcher  Preface  1. Development of the MMPI and MMPI-2  2. Administration, Scoring, and Codetyping  3. Measures of MMPI-2 Profile Validity  4. Interpreting the MMPI-2 Validity Scales  5. The MMPI-2 Clinical Scales and Their Derivatives  6. Interpreting the MMPI-2 Codetypes  7. Interpreting the Content of the MMPI-2: Critical Items, Content Scales, and Subscales  8. Interpreting the MMPI-2 Supplementary Scales  9. Interpretation and Report Writing 10. The Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales  11. The Resturctured Form of the MMPI-2 (MMPI-2-RF)  12. Automated Interpretation of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF  References  Author Index  Subject Index

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Alan F. Friedman, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist in full-time independent practice in Chicago, Illinois, and an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University.

P. Kevin Bolinskey, PhD, is Associate Professor of Psychology at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Richard W. Levak, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with a practice in Del Mar, California, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Assessment Psychology.

David S. Nichols, PhD, spent his career as a clinical psychologist in the Oregon state hospital system, retiring in 1999 after 27 years, and as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.


Praise from the first edition: "This MMPI text…will become the standard textbook for courses on the test. Nothing is in the running with it."-- Paul E. Meehl, PhD, University of Minnesota

"The approach the authors have taken presents the best ways for a person who is beginning to learn the MMPI-2 or professionals seeking to update their knowledge about the test to get an in-depth exposure to extensive research literature underlying the MMPI-2. The result is a rich resource for understanding and interpreting the instrument." -- James N. Butcher, PhD, Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota

"The authors’ MMPI expertise shines through in this revised edition, which retains the depth of the earlier editions while providing updated research findings and a new overview of the MMPI-2-RF. This text is a vital resource for achieving a comprehensive understanding of the MMPI and developing sensitive, meaningful, and nuanced MMPI-2/MMPI-2-RF interpretations." -- Radhika Krishnamurthy, PsyD, ABAP, Clinical Psychology Professor, Florida Institute of Technology; Past President, Society for Personality Assessment

"As masters of the MMPI, the text is clinically informative throughout, though its interpretive gold comes when the authors draw on relevant data, clinical lore, and personal knowledge to provide insightful and rich descriptions of 105 patterns of MMPI-2 clinical scale elevations, each accompanied by treatment recommendations and experience-near therapeutic feedback for the client that will be treasured by both novice and seasoned clinicians alike." -- Gregory J. Meyer, PhD, University of Toledo

"This well-organized textbook provides research and easy-to-follow interpretation guildlines, including cutting scores for most of the important and well-used scales on both the MMPI-2 and MMPI-2-RF. It is comprehensive in its coverage and is a solid work of scholarship, which is recommended for seasoned practitioners, students and researchers desiring a reference guide for interpretation and understanding of MMPI test results." -- Alan M. Jaffe, PsyD, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry

"Psychological Assessment With the MMPI-2/MMPI-2-RF is an excellent resource tool for students as well as established professionals. It is thorough, it is well researched and it provides easy-to-use guidelines on interpretation. Psychological Assessment With the MMPI-2/MMPI-2-RF is an extremely useful and welcome update for all those in the psychological assessment community." -- Elizabeth E. Foster, Journal of Personality Assessment

The Korean translation of this book was awarded the '2020 Excellent Academic Book' from the Ministry of Education selected by the The National Academy of Sciences, Korea.