1st Edition

Psychological Intergroup Interventions Evidence-based Approaches to Improve Intergroup Relations

Edited By Eran Halperin, Boaz Hameiri, Rebecca Littman Copyright 2023
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book introduces a comprehensive and integrative collection of psychological intergroup interventions. These evidence-based interventions are scientifically established and tested in several real-world contexts of intergroup animosities and tensions, from prejudice and inequality reduction to peace promotion.

    Intergroup hostility, violence, and discrimination have become more and more prevalent in recent decades. To address this challenge, recently, social scientists have shown an increasing shift from a descriptive to a more interventionist science, developing evidence-based interventions to improve intergroup relations. For the first time, this book includes research on intergroup interventions and their applications to the field, from a global collection of leading voices in the discipline. It also includes a conceptualization of intergroup interventions, a typology of different types of interventions, as well as a guideline for effective development of intergroup interventions. Each chapter focuses on one psychological intergroup intervention, further reviewing a sample of relevant platforms such as education, entertainment, and VR, upon which psychological intergroup interventions can be implemented.

    With each chapter featuring both intervention research and practical advice for practitioners, this is the ideal companion for researchers and professionals in social psychology, sociology, politics, peace studies and conflict resolution. It will also be of interest to practitioners looking for practical advice to create an impact in the real-world.

    List of Contributors


    Part 1: Psychological Intergroup Interventions

    Chapter 1: Reducing Prejudice through Intergroup Contact Interventions

    Rebecca Littman, Alexandra Scacco, and Chagai Weiss

    Chapter 2: Redrawing the boundaries: Creating positive intergroup relations interventions through shared values, memberships, and identities

    Danielle Blaylock, Rhiannon N. Turner, and Richard J. Crisp

    Chapter 3: Empathy and Perspective-Taking Interventions in Intergroup Contexts: Catalysts, Caveats, and Contraindications

    Jacquie D. Vorauer and Corey Petsnik

    Chapter 4: Using Social Norms to Promote Positive Relations Between Social Groups

    Sohad Murrar and Markus Brauer

    Chapter 5: Diversity Training is Just Teaching

    Calvin K. Lai, R. Grace Drake, and Jennifer F. Beatty

    Chapter 6: Self-Affirmation and Intergroup Biases: Changing the Narrative and the Potential for Conflict Reduction

    David K. Sherman, W. Connor Gibbs, and Kevin R. Binning

    Chapter 7: Malleability Interventions in Intergroup Relations

    Smadar Cohen-Chen, Amit Goldenberg, James J. Gross, and Eran Halperin

    Chapter 8: Using Intergroup Emotion Regulation Interventions to Reduce Intergroup Conflict

    Tamar Avichail, Maya Tamir, James Gross, and Eran Halperin

    Chapter 9: Paradoxical Thinking Interventions in Intergroup Conflicts: A Promising Method to Affect Cognitions and Behavior Among People with Strongly Held Attitudes

    Shira Hebel-Sela, Nadine Knab, and Boaz Hameiri

    Chapter 10: Interventions Based on Moral Exemplars

    Marta Witkowska, Michal Bilewicz, and Sabina Čehajić-Clancy

    Chapter 11: The power of correcting meta-perceptions for improving intergroup relationships

    Samantha L. Moore-Berg

    Part 2: Platforms for Delivering Psychological Intergroup Interventions

    Chapter 12: School-based Interventions to Improve Intergroup Relations from Early Childhood to Adolescence

    Dearbháile Counihan and Laura K. Taylor

    Chapter 13: Promoting Peace through Mass Media Interventions

    Rebecca Littman, Rezarta Bilali, and Boaz Hameiri

    Chapter 14: Improving Intergroup Relations through Interactive Media

    Béatrice S. Hasler, Yiftach Ron, and Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss


    Eran Halperin is a Professor of Psychology and the head and founder of "aChord: Social Psychology for Social Change" at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

    Boaz Hameiri is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of the Evens Program in Conflict Management and Mediation at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

    Rebecca Littman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois Chicago, the United States.