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Psychology, Crime and Law: Psychology, Crime and Law

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Over recent years many aspects of law enforcement and related legal and judicial processes have been influenced by psychological theories and research. In turn concerns that derive from the investigation, prosecution and defence of criminals are influencing the topics and methodologies of psychology and other social sciences. Everything, for example, from the detection of deception to the treatment of sex offenders, by way of offender profiling and prison management, has become part of the domain of a growing army of academic and other professional psychologists. There is therefore a need for wide-ranging publications that deal with all aspects of these interdisciplinary pursuits. Such publications must be cross-national and interdisciplinary if they are to reflect the many strands of this burgeoning field of teaching, research and professional practice. The Psychology, Crime and Law series has been established to meet this need for up-to-date accounts of the work within this area, presented in a way that will be accessible to the many different disciplines involved. The series will be of interest to anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of the interplays between psychology, crime and the law.

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Applications of Geographical Offender Profiling

Applications of Geographical Offender Profiling

1st Edition

Edited By David Canter, Donna Youngs
March 28, 2008

Many law enforcement agencies are now analyzing where a crime is committed, to develop predictions on the offender, their location and other factors that could help with the investigation. Known as Geographical Offender Profiling (GOP), this approach relies on a combination of principles and ...

Principles of Geographical Offender Profiling

Principles of Geographical Offender Profiling

1st Edition

By David Canter, Donna Youngs
May 28, 2008

Geographical Offender Profiling (GOP) is the term that has emerged for the examination of where offences take place and the use of that examination to formulate views on the nature of the offender and where s/he might be based. As such, it has become the cornerstone of 'offender profiling'. By its ...

Psychology and Law Bridging the Gap

Psychology and Law: Bridging the Gap

1st Edition

By David Canter, Rita Žukauskiene
February 28, 2008

This important book captures contemporary attempts to build bridges between the two very different disciplines of law and psychology and to establish the true nature of the interaction between the two. Including international contributions from lawyers, psychologists, sociologists and ...

Behavioural Analysis of Crime Studies in David Canter's Investigative Psychology

Behavioural Analysis of Crime: Studies in David Canter's Investigative Psychology

1st Edition

Edited By Donna Youngs
October 24, 2013

The intense interest in 'offender profiling' generated by FBI special agents, gave rise to an explosion of studies in a new area called ’investigative psychology’ by its originator David Canter. This develops understanding of offenders' behaviour that can be harnessed to improve investigations. In ...

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