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    Psychology in Sport aims to bring sport psychology closer to the heart of mainstream psychology. John Kremer and Deirdre Scully take a new and refreshing look at the most recent sport psychology literature, presenting this information in a way which will be immediately recognisable to students of psychology. Written in a clear and engrossing style, this new approach to Psychology in sport will be of immediate relevance to courses on introductory, applied and sport psychology, as well as providing a valuable reference source for general psychological material pertaining to sport and exercise.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 What Makes an Athlete?; Chapter 3 Exercising Your Mind; Chapter 4 Helping Athletes Help Themselves; Chapter 5 Moving in Sport; Chapter 6 Sport in Context; Chapter 7 Making Sport Work; Chapter 8 Growing through Sport; Chapter 9 Sport and Drugs and Runner’s High, Marie H. Murphy;


    John MD Kremer, Deirdre M Scully