1st Edition

Psychology Library Editions: Child Development 20 Volume Set

    5940 Pages
    by Routledge

    Psychology Library Editions: Child Development (20 Volume set) brings together a diverse number of titles across many areas of developmental psychology, from children’s play to language development. The series of previously out-of-print titles, originally published between 1930 and 1993, with the majority from the 70s and 80s, includes contributions from many respected authors in the field and charts the progression of the field over this time.

    1. Regressions in Mental Development: Basic Phenomena and Theories Thomas G. Bever (Ed.) (1982) 

    2. Psychological Development from Infancy: Image to Intention Marc H. Bornstein & William Kessen (Eds) (1979) 

    3. Language Learning: A Special Case for Developmental Psychology? Christine J. Howe (1993) 

    4. Psychological Development of High Risk Multiple Birth Children Vita Krall & Sherman C. Feinstein (1991) 

    5. Issues in Childhood Social Development Harry McGurk (Ed.) (1978) 

    6. Childhood Domain: Play and Place in Child Development Robin C. Moore (1986)  

    7. The Biologising of Childhood: Developmental Psychology and the Darwinian Myth John R. Morss (1990) 

    8. New Perspectives in Early Communicative Development Jacqueline Nadel & Luigia Camaioni (Eds) (1993) 

    9. Seven Years Old in the Home Environment John Newson & Elizabeth Newson (1976) 

    10. Toys and Playthings: In Development and Remediation John Newson & Elizabeth Newson (1979) 

    11. Research Issues in Child Development Chris Pratt, Alison F. Garton, William E. Tunmer & Andrew R. Nesdale (Eds) (1986) 

    12. Child-Care and the Psychology of Development Elly Singer (1992) 

    13. Necessary Knowledge: Piagetian Perspectives on Constructivism Leslie Smith (1993) 

    14. Children's Play: Research Developments and Practical Applications Peter K. Smith (Ed.) (1986) 

    15. Children's Saving: A Study in the Development of Economic Behaviour Edmund J. S. Sonuga-Barke & Paul Webley (1993) 

    16. Psychology of Early Childhood: Up to the Sixth Year of Age William Stern (1930) 

    17. In Celebration of Play: An Integrated Approach to Play and Child Development Paul F. Wilkinson (Ed.) (1980) 

    18. Innovation in Play Environments Paul F. Wilkinson (Ed.) (1980) 

    19. Childhood and Human Nature: The Development of Personality Sula Wolff (1989) 

    20. Child's Play: Developmental and Applied Thomas D. Yawkey & Anthony D. Pellegrini (Eds) (1984)