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Psychology Library Editions: Perception
35 Volume Set

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ISBN 9781138688247
Published March 23, 2017 by Routledge
11178 Pages

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Book Description

Psychology Library Editions: Perception (35 Volume set) brings together a broad range of titles across many areas of perception, from social to visual perception. The series of previously out-of-print titles, originally published between 1963 and 1995, includes contributions from many respected authors in the field.

Table of Contents

1) Perception and Information Paul J. Barber & David Legge

2) Neuropsychology of Visual Perception Jason W. Brown (Ed.)

3) Recognising Faces Vicki Bruce

4) Perception and Understanding in Young Children: An Experimental Approach Peter Bryant

5) Personality, Cognition, and Social Interaction Nancy Cantor & John F. Kihlstrom (Eds)

6) The Psychology of Person Identification Brian R. Clifford & Ray Bull

7) Perception: An Annotated Bibliography Kathleen Emmett & Peter K. Machamer (Eds)

8) Eye Movements: Cognition and Visual Perception Dennis F. Fisher, Richard A. Monty & John W. Senders (Eds)

9) The Development of Perception, Cognition and Language: A Theoretical Approach Paul van Geert

10) Auditory and Visual Pattern Recognition David J. Getty & James H. Howard Jr. (Eds)

11) Odd Perceptions Richard L. Gregory

12) Even Odder Perceptions Richard L. Gregory

13) The Psychology of Perception: Philosophical Examination of Gestalt Theory and Derivative Theories of Perception David W. Hamlyn

14) Frames of Mind: Ability, Perception and Self-Perception in the Arts and Sciences Liam Hudson

15) Visual Object Processing: A Cognitive Neuropsychological Approach Glyn W. Humphreys & M. Jane Riddoch (Eds)

16) Perceptual Organization Michael Kubovy & James R. Pomerantz (Eds)

17) Basic Processes in Reading: Perception and Comprehension David LaBerge & S. Jay Samuels (Eds)

18) The Reciprocity of Perceiver and Environment: The Evolution of James J. Gibson's Ecological Psychology Thomas J. Lombardo

19) Human Awareness: Its Social Development Ivana Markovaì

20) Perspectives on Mental Representation: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Cognitive Processes and Capacities Jacques Mehler, Edward C.T. Walker & Merrill Garrett (Eds)

21) The Perception of Causality A. Michotte

22) Eye Movements and Psychological Processes Richard A. Monty, John W. Senders (Eds)

23) Attention: Selective Processes in Vision and Hearing Neville Moray

24) Perceptions and Representations: The Theoretical Bases of Brain Research and Psychology Keith Oatley

25) Workshops in Perception R.P. Power, S. Hausfeld & A. Gorta

26) Eye Movements and the Higher Psychological Functions John W. Senders, Dennis F. Fisher & Richard A. Monty (Eds)

27) Perceiving, Acting and Knowing: Toward an Ecological Psychology Robert E. Shaw & John Bransford (Eds)

28) Perception of Print: Reading Research in Experimental Psychology Ovid J. L. Tzeng & Harry Singer (Eds)

29) Cognitive and Computational Aspects of Face Recognition: Explorations in Face Space T.R. Valentine (Ed.)

30) Perception through Experience M.D. Vernon

31) The Visual World of the Child Eìliane Vurpillot

32) Visual Allusions: Pictures of Perception Nicholas Wade

33) Psychological Metaphysics Peter A. White

34) Perception: From Sense to Object John M. Wilding

35) Perspective in Perspective Lawrence Wright

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