1st Edition

Psychology Library Editions: Social Psychology

    9670 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Psychology Library Editions: Social Psychology (30-volume set) brings together an eclectic mix of titles from a wealth of authors with diverse backgrounds, seeking to understand human behaviour and interaction from a socio-psychological perspective. The series of previously out-of-print titles, originally published between 1908 and 1993, includes those from some authors considered to be founders of social psychology and traces the development of the subject from its early foundations.

    1) The Social Psychology of the Child with Epilepsy Christopher Bagley

    2) Property: A Study in Social Psychology Ernest Beaglehole

    3) A Social Psychology of Prejudice Douglas W. Bethlehem

    4) Personality Variables in Social Behavior Thomas Blass (Ed.)

    5) Coping with Threatened Identities Glynis M. Breakwell

    6) Applied Social Psychology and Organizational Settings John S. Carroll (Ed.)

    7) Social Fabrics of the Mind Michael R.A. Chance (Ed.)

    8) Applying Social Psychology: Implications for Research, Practice and Training Morton Deutsch and Harvey A. Hornstein (Eds)

    9) Progress in Social Psychology Martin Fishbein (Ed.)

    10) Human Behaviour: Towards a Practical Understanding Jill Ford

    11) Social Interaction and its Management Judy Gahagan

    12) Relations and Representations: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Psychological Science John D. Greenwood

    13) Perspectives on Social Psychology Clyde Hendrick (Ed.)

    14) Social Psychology through Experiment George Humphrey and Michael Argyle (Eds)

    15) Introduction to Social Psychology William, F. R. S. McDougall

    16) Psycho-Analysis and Social Psychology William, F. R. S. McDougall

    17) The Social Psychology of Bargaining Ian E. Morley and Geoffrey M. Stephenson

    18) Consistency in Cognitive Social Behaviour: An Introduction to Social Psychology C.J. Mower White

    19) Social Psychology: The Study of Human Interaction Theodore M. Newcomb; Ralph H. Turner and Philip E. Converse

    20) Stigma Robert M. Page

    21) Deconstructing Social Psychology Ian Parker and John Shotter (Eds)

    22) Psychology of Group Influence (2nd Edn) Paul B. Paulus (Ed.)

    23) Goal Concepts in Personality and Social Psychology Lawrence A. Pervin (Ed.)

    24) The Social Psychology of HIV Infection John B. Pryor and Glenn D. Reeder (Eds)

    25) Transforming Social Representations: A Social Psychology of Common Sense and Science Caroline S. Purkhardt

    26) Alienation Richard Schacht

    27) Social-Cognitive Development in Context Felicisima C. Serafica (Ed.)

    28) Principles of Social Psychology (3rd Edn) Kelly G. Shaver

    29) Group Conflict and Co-operation: their Social Psychology Muzafer Sherif

    30) The Social Psychology of Childhood Disability David J. Thomas


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.