1st Edition

Psychology Library Editions: Speech and Language Disorders 8 Volume Set

    2086 Pages
    by Routledge

    Psychology Library Editions: Speech and Language Disorders (8 Volume set) presents titles, originally published between 1942 and 1993, covering a variety of areas from auditory processing difficulties to stuttering. The titles show the progression of knowledge and treatment through the twentieth century.

    1. Assessment in Speech and Language Therapy John R. Beech & Leonora Harding (Eds), with Diana Hilton-Jones (1993)

    2. Approaches to the Treatment of Stuttering Peggy Dalton (Ed.) (1983)

    3. Cognition and Figurative Language Richard P. Honeck & Robert R. Hoffman (Eds) (1980)

    4. Stuttering Therapies: Practical Approaches Celia Levy (Ed.) (1987)

    5. Signs, Signals and Symbols: A Presentation of a British Approach to Speech Pathology and Therapy Stella E. Mason (Ed.) (1963)

    6. Speech and Voice: Their Evolution, Pathology and Therapy Leopold Stein (1942)

    7. The Infancy of Speech and the Speech of Infancy Leopold Stein (1949)

    8. Phonological Disorders in Children: Theory, Research and Practice Mehmet S. Yavas (Ed.) (1991)