1st Edition

Psychology Serving Humanity: Proceedings of the 30th International Congress of Psychology Volume 2: Western Psychology

Edited By Saths Cooper, Kopano Ratele Copyright 2014
    316 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Psychology Press

    316 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Psychology Press

    This is the second of two volumes collecting the key proceedings of the 30th International Congress of Psychology, the first to be held in Africa in the 123 years of its history. The theme of the conference was "Psychology Serving Humanity", a recognition of psychology's unfulfilled mission in the majority world and a reflection of what that world requires from psychology.

    Mainstream Psychology finds its largest number of exponents and leading personalities in the high income countries of the global West. The Other Psychologies, referred to by different names, are scattered across the rest of the world. Some of the names of these other forms of Psychology include indigenous Psychology. The main driver of indigenous and other forms of non-mainstream Psychology is the endeavour to embed the discipline in the dynamics of local societies.

    Psychology has entered an interesting era, however. While the dominant philosophy underpinning the discipline remains Western, Psychology in the majority world in 2000s may have reached a tipping point. It took over a hundred years but the 2004 and 2012 International Congresses of Psychology held in China and South Africa heralded a newfound possibility for the discipline. There is an opening of the field to potentially new thought and forms of the practice of Psychology. These proceedings are published in the hope that all psychologists, especially those located in well-resourced institutions in the West, confront the divided reality that characterizes Psychology so as to creatively consider the opportunity opened up by the growing field at the peripheries.

    Care was taken when assembling both conference and proceedings to ensure that the entire international psychological community was represented. Volume One contains contributions to Majority World Psychology. Volume Two contains contributions to Western Psychology.

    Majority World and Western Psychology: Proceedings of the 30th International Congress of Psychology , Saths Cooper & Kopano Ratele. Global Developments in the Science and Practice of Peace Psychology, Daniel J. Christie. International Perspectives on Peace, Terrorism, Torture and War, Boone Rountree, Sherri McCarthy & GIPGAP Collaborators. Unsafe, Illegal, Unethical and Ineffective, Paul Kimmel. Psychology, Indigeneity and Science, David Fryer. We Have Always Been Indigenous:Thoughts about the Past and Future of Psychology, Robert A. Roe. Putting the Social Back in the Biopsychosocial Model of Pain, Kenneth D. Craig. Psychology and the Refugee Experience, Giorgia Doná. A Review of White Racial Identity Theory: The Sociopolitical Implications of Studying White Racial Identity in Psychology, Janet E. Helms. Surviving Gross Human Rights Violations: Exploring Survivors Experience of Justice and Reparation, Janet E. Helms, Nora Sveaass, Inger Agger, Peter Elsass, Brandon Hamber & Anne-Margrethe Sønneland. Cognitive Effects of Two opposite Teaching Styles: Expositive and Guided-Participative, Néstor Daniel Roselli. Leadership for Performance Excellence: A Study in Indian Organization, Ajay K. Jain, Hans Jeppe Jeppesen & Thomas Jønsson. Burnout in the Workplace: A Global Problem in Need of Solutions, Christina Maslach & Michael P. Leiter. Health Behavior Change: Theoretical Constructs, Dynamic Mechanisms, and Clinical Interventions, Ralf Schwarzer. Assessment of the Role of Emotional Distress Caused By Stressful Life Events on Breast Cancer Prognosis: A Bio-Psycho-Social Perspective, V. Vadilonga, G. Perinel, A. Maldifassi, S. Sacchezin, P. Arnabold, S. Gandini, M. Rescigno, A. Luini, A. Goldhirsch & F. Didier.


    Saths Cooper is President of the International Union of Psychological Science.

    Kopano Ratele is Professor and Co-Director of the Institute for Social and Health Sciences at the University of South Africa.

    ‘One of these volumes is dedicated to the works of Western Psychology and the other to Majority World Psychology. The books present an updated, systematic and very well documented panorama of psychology at a global stage, emphasizing scientific research and also applications to social problems of great scope… In summary, the two volumes of Psychology Serving Humanity could be useful for those interested in international psychology, in the recent developments of new fields of research and application, for advanced students, and for many people of other disciplines who wish to know more about the state of psychology and its multiple contributions for understanding human beings, their society and to achieve the utmost development of the potentialities of individuals, families, groups and communities.’ - Ruben Ardila, PsycCRITIQUES, June 2015