1st Edition

Psychology at Iowa Centennial Essays

By Joan H. Cantor Copyright 1991

    After tracing the history of psychology at Iowa, the contributors reflect on the institution's leadership role in the development of the discipline, describe its long tradition of significant theoretical and empirical contributions to major areas in the field, and profile some of its most important intellectual leaders.

    Contents: Preface. H.H. Kendler, The Iowa Tradition. I.E. Farber, Bergmann's "History and Systems of Psychology" With Penultimate Reflections on Behaviorism. E.R. Hilgard, Psychology at Iowa Before McGeoch and Spence. L.D. Goodstein, The Iowa Department of Psychology and the American Psychological Association: A Historical Analysis. J.S. Brown, Defining Being Motivated: Alternative Operational Formats. L.D. Eron, Iowa and Aggression. T.S. Kendler, The Development of Developmental Psychology. N. Garmezy, Reflections on a Century of Research in Psychopathology. A. Bandura, The Changing Icons in Personality Psychology. J.T. Spence, Where's the Action? A. Amsel, What I Learned About Frustration at Iowa.


    Joan H. Cantor