368 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    366 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Written by two experienced psychology teachers and examiners, this textbook provides thorough coverage of both the AQA and OCR GCSE Psychology specifications. The user-friendly layout clearly identifies which sections are pertinent to each specification.

    The book is produced in attractive full colour with plenty of photographs, pictures and cartoons, and provides a variety of student-friendly features, including:

    • A list of the AQA and/or OCR specification requirements for each topic
    • An everyday-life case study to introduce each chapter
    • Numerous classroom activities
    • Key terms highlighted and defined throughout the text
    • Aims and Learning Outcomes, which highlight the general themes and processes (including why psychology matters, how psychology works, everyday life, ethical issues, diversity, critical thinking and methodology)
    • Research studies with evaluations
    • Clear and concise chapter summaries
    • Exam hints and tips
    • Exam-style questions.

    This new edition is accompanied by a set of online multimedia resources, including powerpoint lecture courses and multiple-choice questions tests, available free-of-charge to schools who adopt this book as their text.

    1. Preparing for the GCSE Exam. Part 1. Social Psychology 1. 2. Social Influence. 3. Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination. Part 2. Social Psychology 2. 4. Aggression. 5. Non-verbal Communication. Part 3. Biological Psychology. 6. Sex and Gender. 7. Criminal Behaviour. Part 4. Developmental Psychology. 8. Attachment. 9. Cognitive Development. Part 5. Cognitive Psychology. 10. Memory. 11. Perception. Part 6. Individual Differences. 12. Learning and Atypical Behaviour. 13. Development of Personality. 14. The Self. Part 7. Research in Psychology. 15. Research Methods.


    Diana Dwyer is an experienced teacher of Psychology at many levels including GCSE. She examined GCSE Psychology for 12 years and is very familiar with both the requirements of GCSE specifications and with the skills involved in classroom teaching of Years 10 and 11. She is also active in supporting teachers in her role with the Association for the Teaching of Psychology. Craig Roberts has over ten years of experience teaching GCSE Psychology. He is the Head of Psychology at Totton College, Southampton and is on the Educational Committee for the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour. He has been a GCSE examiner since 2000 and is a regular attendee at the Association for the Teaching of Psychology annual conference.

    "A comprehensive, accurate, and informative resource for any student studying GCSE-level Psychology, whether they are following the OCR or AQA specification. Each chapter is accessible to any student, and provides ample opportunity for extension if desired. A solid, well composed textbook for any budding psychologist." – Elle Boag, Psychology Teacher, Totton College, UK