Psychopathology is a psychologically based account of the major mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, personality disorders, anxiety and mood disorders as well as eating disorders.

    Chapter 1 A framework for scientific psychopathology; Chapter 2 Classification and paradigms of abnormal behaviour; Chapter 3 The nature of schizophrenia; Chapter 4 Aetiology of schizophrenia; Chapter 5 The nature of affective disorders; Chapter 6 Aetiology of the affective disorders; Chapter 7 The anxiety disorders and obsessional states; Chapter 8 Aetiology of anxiety disorders; Chapter 9 Eating disorders; Chapter 10 Vulnerability and perpetuating factors in eating disorders; Chapter 11 Criticisms of psychopathology; Chapter 12 The future of psychopathology; Chapter 13 Three research reviews; Chapter 14 Study aids;


    John D. Stirling is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University., Jonathan S.E. Hellewell is a Consultant Community Psychiatrist at Trafford General Hospital in Manchester.

    'A book I will definitely recommend to my students ... the content in terms of breadth and depth is very appropriate. Material is presented very clearly and new terms are simply described and explained.' - Annette France, Lutterworth Grammar School and Community College