1st Edition

Psychoses An Integrative Perspective

By Johan Cullberg Copyright 2006
    368 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    366 Pages 37 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Psychoses provides a unique perspective on the challenges associated with understanding and treating psychoses, bringing together insights and developments from medicine and psychology to give a full and balanced overview of the subject.

    Johan Cullberg draws on his extensive experience working with those suffering from first-episode psychosis to investigate issues including vulnerability factors, phases of psychosis, prevention, the potential for recovery and contemporary attitudes to psychosis. Particular attention is paid to how therapeutic interventions can either support or obstruct the ‘self-healing’ properties of many psychoses.

    This sensitive and humane perspective on the nature and treatment of psychoses will be of interest to all mental health professionals interested in increasing their understanding and awareness of this subject.

    McGorry, Foreword. Preface to the English Edition. Part I: The Psychotic Crisis and the Schizophrenic Disability. Reason - A Thin Veil Over Chaos. Losing Contact with Reality. The Concept of Psychosis. Delusions and Hallucinations. The Ego, the Self and Psychosis. Phases of Acute Psychosis. Neurobiological Vulnerability Factors. Psychodynamic Vulnerability Factors. Factors that Trigger Psychosis. Protective Factors. Psychotic Disorders I. Psychotic Disorders II. Autism Spectrum Disorders and Childhood Psychoses. Delirium, Confusion and Organic Psychosis. The Two Critical Periods in Psychosis and the Potential for Recovery. Cognitive Disorders and the Psychotic Thought Process. The Construction of the Identity of a 'Chronic Schizophrenic'. Towards a Bio-Psycho-Social Model of Psychoses. Part II: In Support of Recovery. Traditions of Thought in the History of Psychiatric Ideas. Attitudes in the Twentieth-century Treatment of Psychosis. The Requirements, Demands and Organisation of Treatment for Psychosis. The Assessment and Treatment of Patients with an Acute Psychotic Episode. Psychosis and Suicide. People with Long-term Psychosis in the Community. Pharmacological Treatment of Psychosis. Psychological Treatments of Psychosis. Preventing Psychosis. On Being a Relative. Epilogue. Appendix: Classification.


    Johan Cullberg is a former professor of psychiatry, now working with research on first-episode psychosis and as a clinical supervisor at several Stockholm hospitals. He is former chairman of the ISPS and has published extensively on the subject of psychosis.

    '...it should be on the reading list of every counselling and psychotherapy training.' Penny Wigram, British Journal of Psychotherapy

    '...essential reading for anyone working with psychotic clients.' Val Allen, Therapy Today

    'I believe that this book would be an invaluable aid to any mental health professional who wants to have a broader understanding of psychosis.' - Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed, Journal of Mental Health

    'Dr Cullberg's Psychoses: An Integrative Perspective is clearly the result of a lifetime of study and practice of treating patients with psychoses by an unconventionally intelligent and deeply compassionate psychiatrist. Mental health professionals and family members may benefit greatly from his comprehensive, refreshing and very human integration of knowledge on the psychoses.' - John R. Bola, PhD, The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease