1st Edition

Public Drinking in the Early Modern World Vol 3 Voices from the Tavern, 1500–1800

    396 Pages
    by Routledge

    This four-volume reset edition presents a wide-ranging collection of primary sources which uncover the language and behaviour of local and state authorities, of peasants and town-dwellers, and of drinking companions and irate wives.

    VOLUME 3 Holy Roman Empire II Part 3: Practice 10 Publicans, Staf and Premises 1 Publicans’ Oaths, Negotiation of Publicans’ Rights and Dues, Business Lives and Fortunes, Financial matters , Concerns about Publicans, Public House Servants, Apprentices and Journeymen, Types of Public Houses, Public House Premises, Public House Inventories 11 Food, Drink and Services, Food and Drink, 12 Patrons, Types of Guests, Women Gender and Household, 13 Sociability and Ritual 14 Violence and Disorder, 15 Politics and Public Sphere, Editorial Notes


    Thomas E Brennan, B. Ann Tlusty, Beat Kumin, David Hancock, Michelle McDonald