1st Edition

Public Enterprise at the Crossroads

Edited By John Heath Copyright 1990

    In many parts of the world public enterprise is in crisis. Privatisation programmes are being widely touted as the solution to many of the problems of inefficiency and slow rates of growth associated with public enterprise. This book discusses the underlying causes of those problems, and critically examines some of the solutions that have been adopted. Its geographical coverage is wide and it cuts across the political spectrum. The experiences of countries in four continents are analysed in an attempt to shed light on current dilemmas. Recurrent patterns are found; problems are frequently seen to be political as much as economic, and bureaucracy and administrative confusion is often found to be at the heart of poor financial performance.Yet since political aims, economic environment, and administrative and managerial capabilities vary so widely, universal solutions remain more difficult to define than universal problems.

    Part 1. Introduction 1. Survey of Contributions John Heath Part 2. Surveys of Practice and Principle 2. Public Enterprise in Less Developed Countries Colin Kirkpatrick and Ramesh Adhikari 3. Some Issues of Principle - the case of British Telecom Esther Brimmer and David Thompson Part 3. Country Experiences 4. State Owned Enterprise Reform in China Hua Sheng and Du Haiyan 5. Four Decades of Public Enterprise in Hungary Zoltan Roman 6. Liberalisation and Privatisation in India Y. Venugopal Reddy 7. The Public Enterprise Sector in Malaysia Mavis Puthucheary 8. Public Enterprises in Francophone Africa Alfred H. Saulniers 9. Public Enterprise in Argentina: The Experience of the Radical Government 1983-1989 Horacio Boneo and Enrique Waterhouse 10. Privatisation in Chile William P. Glade 11. The Effectiveness of Public Enterprises in Greece Spyros K. Lioukas and Demetrios B. Papoulias


    John Heath