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    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    'Public House & Beverage Management' provides students with a practical guide to the management aspects of the licensed trade industry.

    'Public House & Beverage Management' introduces students to:

    * Key players
    * Variations in service offer
    * Types of management arrangement (managed, leased, tenanted, franchise, freehouse)
    * Customers and segments
    * Labour markets and employees
    * Key elements in the business units
    * Retailing skills.

    The combined experiences of the authors are reflected in the text, as between them they have a vast range of experience as: publican, hotelier, chef and sommelier. Enhanced by this is their teaching and research covering food service, cellar management, marketing and wines and spirit education.

    A history of the licensed trade industry; The modern industry; The licensed enterprise and the law; The marketing function; Management of the products and services; Managing the human resources; Controlling your profits; Ethics and dilemmas: the challenges of the licensed trade industry; Careers and contacts.


    Michael Flynn, Caroline Ritchie, Andrew Roberts

    A practical guide to all management aspects of the licensed trade industry is presented. Beginning with a simple definition of the industry, a detailed explanation of the management of each function is then discussed, concluding with a strategic view of both companiesand the industry.
    CABI Information - Feb 2001