1st Edition

Public Interest Law An Annotated Bibliography & Research Guide

By Lee Epstein, Tracey E. George Copyright 1993

    This volume convincingly lays to rest two held beliefs that have long impeded scholarly analysis of the role of courts and litigation in American politics: 1) that group resort to the courts is a rather recent phenomenon resulting from actions of the Warren Court and the Civil Rights Movement; and 2) that unique and distinctive features of the judiciary somehow place it beyond or outside analytic frameworks used to study and analyze the role, nature and functioning of other governing institutions such as the Congress and the presidency. The title of the volume ~ Public Interest Law Sourcebook -- accurately describes its central purpose and method as descriptive and informative.

    Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Group Litigation in the Interest Group and Judicial Process Literature Chapter 3 Specific Organizations and Governmental Entities Chapter 4 Specific Substantive Areas of Law Chapter 5 Administrative Structure and Organizational Dynamics Chapter 6 Organizational Strategies and Tactics Chapter 7 Public Interest Law and the Public Interest Lawyer


    Lee Epstein Department of Political Science , Washington University-St. Louis, Tracey E. George Department of Psychology, Mills College, Oakland, CA, Joseph F. Kobylka Department of Political Science, Southern Methodist University.