708 Pages 84 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    708 Pages 84 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    708 Pages 84 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Public Law is an ideal choice for all students looking for a comprehensive yet accessible textbook on this area of law, as its clear writing style, accessible tone, and focus on modern case law help bring the subject to life.

    The book covers the key institutions, concepts, and legal rules of the United Kingdom’s constitutional system, with the chapters arranged around four subjects: the foundations of the constitutional system; Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; and human rights. The book’s central theme is that of state power, and the relationship between the state and the citizen.

    Co-authored by Michael Doherty and Noel McGuirk, the third edition has been revised to reflect recent key developments in Public Law. It now extensively explores, in addition to several other key chapter updates, the unfolding impact of Brexit, the 2019 General Election, changes in devolution across England, Scotland, and Wales, and the 2020 Coronavirus Act. Clearly written and easy to use, Public Law enables students to fully engage with the topic and gain a profound understanding of this fundamental, exciting area.

    The Routledge Spotlights series brings a modern, contemporary approach to the core law curriculum, which will help students:

    - To move beyond an understanding of the law.

    - To refine and develop the key skills of problem-solving, evaluation and critical reasoning, which are essential to assessment success.

    - To discover sources and suggestions for taking your study further.

    By focusing on recent case law and real-world examples, Routledge Spotlights will help you shed light on the law, understand how it operates in practice, and gain a unique appreciation of the contemporary context of the subject.

    1. Studying Public Law 2. Institutions 3. Parliament and Legislation 4. Constitutions 5. Constitutional Conventions 6. Royal Prerogative 7. Supremacy of Parliament 8. Supremacy and European Law 9. Separation of Powers 10. The Rule of Law 11. Devolution 12. Judicial Review – Access to Justice 13. Grounds of Judicial Review 14. Ombudsman and Tribunals 15. Human Rights 16. Police and Security Powers 17. Freedom of Expression 18. Freedom of Assembly and Public Protest


    Michael Doherty is Associate Head and Student Experience Lead at Lancaster University Law School, UK. He is a former Chair of the Association of Law Teachers.

    Noel McGuirk
    is a Lecturer in Law (Terrorism and the Law) at Lancaster University Law School, UK.

    "This new edition is as useful for students of public law as ever. With a sharp focus on the law and attention to the political context, it provides an up to date resource that is clear and accessible."
    Fiona Boyle, Senior Lecturer at Cumbria University Law School.